Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)


His story sure makes me feel better about the amount of jobs I’ve been through in the past lol.

This make me think about "primal inclination" and making money; what if the way we've chosen to make money is not our primal inclination but a means to be able to fund our primal inclination, as a hobby that we've been attracted to from the start but does not yield the kind of money we desire?


Why isn’t PCC a Weapon X subliminal? From my understanding Weapon X is applied to subliminals with clearly defined goals and PCC would appear to fit that is it is based off a book which definitely speaks of the laws of power. Not that it deters me that much from using it in the feature—users here seem to report quick results as well—but I still wonder.


any users for PCC lately?


Will we see PCC updated to Q anytime soon?

I wouldn’t be surprised if not many are using PCC right now since in-person interactions are harder to come due to current cirumstances.


would this be happening?


I’d hope so since they plan to update all existing titles to use Q.


Isn’t a version of PCC incorporated into Stark?


Yes. That should mean that they’ll be able to reuse some of that work in a PCC Q.


Seems stark Q has a lot of PCC in it


i have the same question…

cause currently im on sanguine… looking to gear towards PCC or stark q…any insights?

done with emp 4 for 2 months…


Those have vastly different goals…

If the goals of Stark align with you more, don’t be afraid to go for StarkQ. It has definitely part or all of the PCC scripting.


after doing 60 days of emp4, i decided to take a break on emp4, jumped on sanguine, ill do that for the next 30 days and either jump back to emp or get starkq


Maaaaaaaaaaybe. :wink:


Translation of “Aaay” in English

Y con polvo y piedras por todas partes Billy, atragantado por la emoción ¡ AAAY !

And with dust and boulders everywhere, BILLY, choked with excitement, announced…


Makes me curious what running StarkQ and PCC or PCCQ in a stack would be like. Unfuckwithable? I’ve been running StarkQ for three loops so far this morning and I feel a confidence I don’t think I have ever felt.


StarkQ Qan Qorrupt™
The Seth Godin Complex.


I’ve used the techniques on online vendors to get promotional products and discounts several times. And if nothing else, you’d be giving it time to prepare you.


Power can corrupt Q let’s do it


@Michel Seth Godin complex?


Interesting, who would’ve thought? Well in any case I’m holding off on PCC until I at least have a good foundation with Khan.