Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)


I just bought PCC. Haven’t started running lt yet. I’m currently running Stark, regeneration, and sanguine.

Should i add it into my stack now or wait? :wink:

  • Run it Man!
  • Dude slow down and add it later!
  • This is your life i don’t know what you want!
  • F$#@ you lowrider!!

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Would love to hear how PCC Q is working for users!


I am not sure what to say since PCC is supposed to be in Stark, too, but I guess if a person wants to run something they are excited about it and probably should run it.


Adding PCC we’ll just enhance those qualities even more.


enchantment is good


@SubliminalUser that means PCC is not included in STARKQ?


No, Saint said StarkQ will help you recognise manipulation, like PCC. If you want more of that, PCC will enhance it.