Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)


I just bought PCC. Haven’t started running lt yet. I’m currently running Stark, regeneration, and sanguine.

Should i add it into my stack now or wait? :wink:

  • Run it Man!
  • Dude slow down and add it later!
  • This is your life i don’t know what you want!
  • F$#@ you lowrider!!

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Would love to hear how PCC Q is working for users!


I am not sure what to say since PCC is supposed to be in Stark, too, but I guess if a person wants to run something, they are excited about it, and probably should run it.


Adding PCC we’ll just enhance those qualities even more.


enchantment is good


@SubliminalUser that means PCC is not included in STARKQ?


No, Saint said StarkQ will help you recognise manipulation, like PCC. If you want more of that, PCC will enhance it.


“Both parts are necessary for balance. Based on the latest technological advancements of Alchemist, Power Can Corrupt will also offer general benefits such as confidence, sex appeal, social ability etc., with a powerful focus on charisma.”

Is this referring to Energetic Development XI or The Architect? Certainly seems like Aura technology.


First post here. I’ve been using PCC for two months now (Q version only). This is based on my experience. Before starting PCC, I had generally been very passive or even unaware of games being played on me. And whenever I would notice, i didn’t really know what to do other than naive actions like avoid conflict, try to argue with logic and emotion at the same time, whine to others etc. Enter PCC: at first you start getting the feeling that something is not quite right in some circumstances, then you begin to identify some peoples’ actions for what they are, then you start to recognise some of your past errors, then you see opportunities to build your power, then you actually seize a few opportunities to increase your power as they happen. I feel like the next stage trying to come through is setting up ways to increase your power. Remember that this doesn’t mean you complete one level and move to the next, it’s more that as some emerge the others are still developing but as many have said on this forum, you must take some action because that is the only way to reinforce the process. Hope that helps.


I’ve been using PCC for a month now. Along with Ascension and Regeneration. Some stuff I notice but I plan on using it for 90 days since I alternate between 2 other subs.


Very useful info, though I’ve decided to reconsider PCC much later down the line


At the right time, of course.


just got this… will observe the shifts in the coming days


Are aspects of PCC broken down into smaller modules that are available in the q store?


I would think Manipulus but Im not sure


Yes. I had seen Manipulus but forgot about it. Makes sense. Thanks.