Main Dev. Thread - Power Can Corrupt (Now Available!)


very interesting! can’t wait for this


Remote view the past ? how so ?. The past does not exist anymore its just dust, memories in peoples heads ?


I would like to see a Daredevil with Lucky in Life and Total Success in Life with Power Can Corrupt.


There is a lot to be learned from the past, blackadder. If the past did not exist, the lessons in this program would not exist either.

And if you ask our friendly neighborhood consultant, he will likely be able to tell you that some part of us does not perceive time the way our conscious mind does. It can see any moment in time. In rv-ing, people have been know to describe a target perfectly, but in a time that was not the present. So when the target was a Greek ruin for example, they described the building before it was a ruin, without ever realizing they did.

Although I’m not entirely certain why Ninja asked the question in this thread, unless he meant to discuss the topic of power with the ancient philosophers.

Student: “Master, why does time exist?”
Monk: “Without time, everything would be happening simultaneously.”


Actually, Einstein said that, when thinking about the time-space continuum. :wink:




If part of oneself is nonlocal, then it could be possible to perceive anything at anytime.

has a perspective to think about.

has pointed to Einstein.

One mechanism might be quantum entanglement.

You might consider typing into a search engine:
Einstein spooky action at a distance


@DarkPhilosopher I appreciate that we can learn alot from our past experiences however I do not see how one can remote view into the past to see how ancient greece was as Ninja asked. i thought it was more about the practice of seeking impressions about an unseen target.

Perhaps Ninja mean’t using astral projection to go back in time to ancient greece.

Main Dev. Thread - Alchemist

I heard it was possible to remote view the past but maybe they mean’t atral projection.

Main Dev. Thread - Alchemist

POWER CAN CORRUPT will release Friday, September 27th.


poker subliminal?


Did you read it as “POKER CAN CORRUPT” ? :sweat_smile:


No haha, I just saw the picture and made a guess :laughing:


Guys what do you think of this name “The Hammer of Thor” SC can create an image of a huge man wearing a viking helmet who is built like bricks holding a large hammer ?.


Is this a suggestion for the box art for Power Can Corrupt?



Creepy :slight_smile:
I think picture is too dark.


Looks awful to be honest


I like it.

Suits the title, which I also like. Both are confronting, which I think is the point.


I like it, but it could be a little lighter and than perfection. :ok_hand:


love the image…the darker the better…gives an impression that you better be ready for the consequences of power