Main Dev. Thread -- Regeneration and The Elixir


Would Elixir be a good supercharger for Ascended Mogul? Or is it really only suited for Regeneration?


@SaintSovereign or @Fire When is Regeneration going to be released? I’m not sure where you two are but I’m in the central time zone in the states and won’t be able to pre order until Feburary 3rd after 8an or so and I am wondering if I can still get the discount?


Releases Monday, 2.4.18. I usually leave the pre-order link up until I actually link up the files, so you should have time.


Well, I’m more interested in developing good productivity habits and making money than I am worried about emotional healing… AND, I don’t want to dilute the effectiveness of my subliminals, but I went ahead and pre-ordered both of these – because I have a sense that productivity habits will improve faster and better if I heal any hidden, ancient wounds. And if there’s a physical healing element to it, that’s great because I’m getting up there in years.

I’m thinking I’ll do Regen once a day – maybe first thing in the morning – and Elixr once before bed. And Ascended Mogul 2 on a loop throughout the day.

I’ve paused listening to the tracks overnight because I seem to have hurt my ear. I don’t know if it was the ear bud pushing too hard on my ear when I moved to my side or if it was the tracks themselves (masked on very low volume), but my right ear is a bit clogged and my tinnitus got worse. And, I don’t sleep alone, so speakers isn’t an option.

So, I won’t be doing overnight for a while.


I am going to hold off buying till I hear initial feedback. It sounds like a product that I really must have but i sont want to get over excited just yet.


I’m listening exclusively to Emperor all the time. I don’t want to add any other sub for now, but I’m thinking about doing The Elixir supercharger in addition to Emperor. Will it be beneficial as I won’t be listening to Regeneration at all?


Well think about it if Emperor pushes you to change and pushes you hard if i might add. And you have emotional and mental baggage from long ago. Limit destroyer and rebirth which are already in emperor would be greatly helped by a new product which is Regeneration. So in reality Emperor and Regeneration would really work hand in hand. And Elixir would just supercharge that plus help in other areas.

I think it would be a mistake to not take advantage of that process, Emperor is a beast. It was the first sub i ran. I jumped head first into it, i had never listened to subs had no foundation but am always either go big or dont do it. And if Regeneration and Elixir would have been out then things probably would have been a bit easier lol. I figured Emperor was an all in one kind of Subliminal and while i listened to it half assed. I saw some great results so far even though i didn’t realize till a few weeks ago just how much i was really changing.

And now Regeneration will greatly help me get rid of all that emotional and mental baggage i have that will help Emperor work even better.


Yes. I’ve been working hard with my consultant to make the supercharger line serve as both a standalone abs complement to a sub. So far, it worked well with Beyond Limitless.


Regeneration is complete. The pre-order bonus is Regeneration New Dawn, an experimental built on the platform that will eventually replace Primal Tech v2. We’ve named it “New Dawn” as it’s completion later this year will launch Subliminal Club toward its ultimate goal – advancing human potential. Starting the release process now.


Regeneration is now available under “My Downloads” for those who pre-ordered. The regular version of Regeneration is available for purchase here.



I have decided to run the “New Dawn” version of this exclusively for an indeterminate number of days before returning to my standard playlist.


Yesterday didn’t work out as planned. I will have to wait until the end of the week to purchase Regeneration .That said I should be able to purchase Primal at the same time then run the two together in a stack. Possibly along with Ascension V2 and Godlike Masculinity. Will make for a fun and interesting 2019


I guess I don’t see it as killing momentum because it will probably only be three days or so + the standard script should give some continuity. Then it is back to the usual playlists with Regeneration added in.

I am sure many people miss one, two or three days here or there for trips and vacations, laziness. I am very well prepared and can maintain my listening where-ever I am so there is continuity in that and that there is a kind of kernel or shell the subs are built on that should help to maintain continuity.

I also have 5 different listening stations at home and in the office at which I spend varied amounts of time and can set up different playlists.


What factors should we consider when deciding whether to run Regeneration or Regeneration New Dawn?


I just want to make sure… Elixr is not yet available for download, right? I ask because I was able to download Regeneration but didn’t see Elixr in the download list.


Depends on if you want to try the experimental. New Dawn is new experimental tech. It might work better, or it might not.

The standard will work guaranteed.

Yes, Elixir is not out yet.


I’m curious what kind of testing you do to determine if new technology works. Seems a very challenging thing to do for subliminals.


We have dedicated testers. Some are here on the forum, they’re listed as “Founder’s Club.” Others want to remain anonymous.


So, they run the experimental track and subjectively document how it affects them?


So if you guys get good results from New Dawn Regeneration will you release a masked version of it?