Main Dev. Thread -- Regeneration and The Elixir


Eventually. If New Dawn is successful, we’ll update all our programs to it, ultrasonic and masked.


The script for The Elixir is by far, the best we’ve created. I’m debating revisiting Libertine and rewriting / updating the vocal track.

Trust me, you won’t want to miss this one.


I say, yes! Go for it!

Libertine’s promise is something men really need. So taking it to the next level will just impact our lives even more.


can i still get the regeneration and elixer bundle and are there any pre order bonuses i missed out on other then the price coz i would really like to get them and i didnt realise the pre order period got over i thought both were until the 10th and i still had time to make my decision


I am noticing Regeneration kicking up some low level anxiety which I figure is just a sign of it doing its job, and entirely positive.


I suffer from insomnia and usually get about 3 hours sleep a night. Whilst running regeneration i have been sleeping like a baby for the last few days, this primal tech 2 is some good stuff man :slight_smile:


Have noticed the positive effect on sleep along with Emperor. Just running those two at night.


Any chance Libertine will get Masked version (not SuperCharger but Stack Module)?


Bonuses and experimentals generally don’t get masked versions, though.


Possibly eventually, if we release it as a standalone stacking module. Those who got the pre-order would get it for free, of course.


I think at least the stacking module bonuses for those that missed the pre-orders would be included masked in a SubPrime subscription. Fills the library with more content and those that got them as a bonus gets a free update.


I just ordered The Elixir. I’m still gung ho on using only one subliminal (which is Emperor) until I see satisfactory results. Such results haven’t come yet and it’s perfectly fine, I’m in it for the long haul and I will make it work. Nevertheless, I suspect I will probably want to add an (so to speak) ultrasonic version of The Elixir if you do make it available. Emperor aligns with my goals very well and that’s why I chose it, but my question is - is it advisable in my case to add the ultrasonic Elixir to my playlist? I have quite a lot of healing to do, but at the same time I don’t want to diminish Emperor’s influence on me. I will be doing the Elixir supercharger every day, though.


The stack module included with The Elixir isn’t nearly as potent as Regeneration. But, since you don’t want to add more to your stack, I recommend simply using The Elixir everyday and seeing how that works first. That way, you can focus on Emperor.

Are you not yet seeing any results whatsoever, or just not the results you want?


Last night, I finished an EARLY version of The Elixir (which I use to test on myself and see the effects), and I have to say, my testers are reporting that it can be quite the intense experience, depending on how much you’re willing to engage. My personal experience confirms – the effect was so profound that I actually ended up spending the rest of the night playing some video games with the girlfriend just to keep my mind off of what was brought up and cleared. Keep in mind, I’m a very experienced meditator and I have a strong ability to visualize – but still. That was something else.

I’m finding that my consultant and I are able to create stronger and stronger superchargers because of the stuff I’m learning from the 1-year hypnotherapy course I’m enrolled in. Very eager to see the evolution of these products, and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to revisit Libertine sometime this summer if The Elixir performs as well as I’m thinking.

Still have time to pre-order.


Yep, I am seeing results and they are not what I want, which is why I called them unsatisfactory to me as of yet. It’s not that I have high expectations, I just feel the momentum ever building from Emperor, so I’m excited for next revelations. Plus, I’m doing other things besides listening to the subliminal, so it’s also difficult to attribute everything to it.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll not add the Elixir stack module then. I’m also happy to hear the supercharger can be so potent. I can’t wait to start using it.


Hi Fire can this regeneration be used alongside godlike masculinity ?. As i understand the.GM hooks into programmes like emperor. However with regeneration being a new breed. I wanted to be sure.


For most other programs, we generally suggest having specific written goals and action taking on urges.

@Fire, is there anything one could/should do actively to maximize the effects of Regeneration?
Or - like Sex Mastery X - all of its benefits can be had purely by passive listening !?

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This will sound self-serving, but run The Elixir. The script is designed to work in conjunction with Regeneration and consciously clear issues.


All of its benefits will be felt, and it is fully encompassing. You do not have to add anything to it to have it work.

Of course, you can add things into your daily life that will help with the process, such as working out (which helps you release things through exercise) and meditation (which will relax you and allow you to let go of tension).

And, of course, run The Elixir. That program is beastly, and will allow you to hit things from a conscious angle.


Will Elixir be released today?