Main Dev. Thread -- Regeneration and The Elixir


If I am running ascension new dawn, should i wait till next week to run regeneration new dawn and elixir?


Is it Regeneration New Dawn or only regeneration in primaltech V2?


It’s PrimalTech V2, New Dawn is only in its testing phase.


I started running ascension new dawn yesterday… and was wondering if i should give that a wek before adding regeneration new dawn and elixir to it.


Yes. Later tonight, EST.


Yes, please do. And please be honest with feedback.


Thanks just wanted to make sure. And definitely will report results as i get them.



Ready to run it through its paces in my evening meditation session.

I’ve been running one Supercharger and then watching an NLP video based on Steve Andreas’s “Transforming Your Self” each night for the last week. Combining my conscious self-developmental work with listening to the Subliminals.


Hello to everyone.
When will it be active?
And according to which country?


Around 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time


Just finished The Elixir. Packaging up and uploading for release.


Still uploading. Will make an official announcement when it goes live.


Is the connection active?


How so? Until tomorrow?


Just finished uploading and is released.


The Elixir /w pre-order bonus “Phoenix Down” is now available for download. If you have any problems, please send me a PM or e-mail [email protected].


So what does the pre order bonus do?


+1 What is Phoenix Down?


Saint, pre-order says that it ends in …2018 :slight_smile: i think that 2019 is more accurate :smile:


And is Phoenix Down PrimalTech v2 or New Dawn tech?