Main Dev. Thread -- Regeneration and The Elixir


Phoenix Down is Primal Tech v2. It instructs your mind to make you aware of subconscious trauma and bring it to the conscious mind, so you can help consciously clear it.


So it definitely helps with regeneration


It helps with both Regeneration and The Elixir.


Listened to Elixir right before bed. I am not sure what to say at this point except it will be in my nightly meditation session for the near future. I like how all the superchargers have had little musical motifs that get repeated in the next supercharger released. They are locking together as a group. I have listened to both Libertine and Beyond Limitless quite a bit. I plan to listen to Elixir for at least 21 days straight.


Does Phoenix Down have also any type of healing in the scripting? Or is it totally about awareness of subconscious traumas?


I don’t know if it ruins the effectiveness but I have been listening to Phoenix Down on my phone…sometimes alongside other titles masked or ultrasonic playing from mp3 player/speaker set-ups.


I heard that if you listen to more then 1 at a time it dulls the effectiveness of the subs. I forgot where i read that


Could be true, though I am also figuring that there is some element of layering in the Subs themselves. I suppose there could be some secret way of optimizing layered scripts. I know I have listened to quite a few dual-induction hypnosis tracks over the years.

I also have a number of mp3/speaker set-ups going throughout my home. In some places I am hearing two subs that are not in sync with each other.

I keep thinking about getting some long 1/8" extension cables so that all of my speaker set-ups would be playing the same track at the same time for greater continuity and to avoid hearing out of sync tracks.

I had asked about whether this might make a difference a while back but got no response. It might simply be a question that is difficult to answer. Not enough data.


There is already a TON of information being transmitted by a single sub. So, if you play more than one at the same time, it’s highly unlikely your subconscious will be able to decipher any of it.

And if it does, you run the risk of getting the prompt muddled – where you get part of one message and part of another, getting either something meaningless or totally unintended.


Yeah why not get the extension cables so you’ll only have one playlist going. Good idea.


@SaintSovereign would you please consider an update to Libertine?

You’ve come such a long way since then both in technology and in knowing how to supercharge the superchargers :smiley:


I already am. Updates to superchargers are costly and time consuming, however. I’d probably have to overhaul the entire script to make it worth the cost.


Since Regeneration is based around New Dawn technology i sm concerned that there might be an issue stackibg with Emperor and Rebirth.

Can we get solidity as to what we van stack with regeneration ?.


I am stacking Regeneration with Emperor and Limitless. I can’t really see why an issue would or could arise, nor have I noticed any issues.


Don’t overcomplicate this. You can stack Regeneration with anything, just like the other subs.


@dorfmeister what have your experiences been like so far when running both emperor and regeneration together ?.


So is there a Regeneration Lite module built into the standard script and/or integrated into other subliminals?


Not necessarily. Regeneration isn’t just a combination of past healing scripting – we did some very specific changes to make it a worthwhile title. In the future, we may include a Regeneration Lite if the situation needs it.


Been using regeneration for nearly 2 months now at night ultrasonic with rebirth and emperor in day my depression and negative self talk has gone down dramatically i have bought primal seduction and thinking of starting that tomorrow or continue with this stack not sure what to do decisions decisions high quality problems lol


Ive been using regeneration for over a month now, and elixir for like a week, with great results so far.
Thanks for this awesome product @SaintSovereign and @Fire.
I will keep on using them for a while before buying the Alchemist.