Main Dev. Thread -- Regeneration and The Elixir


Any timetable for a V2 of Regeneration? What new strategies or additions would likely be in a V2?

I am hoping, despite this being a single stage, that a Total Breakdown for Healing might be included.


The New dawn version going to be 45 mins long like the original version?


I’m looking to add to my stack to help with healing stuff. I don’t quite understand yet what Elixir is.
Is it a straight sub with masked/ultrasonic versions? A supercharger? Both?

Just want to dive deeper and speed my healing, and I’ve been reading Regen+Elixir is a killer combo.


It is a supercharger. Like every supercharger it is a guided meditation backed by an ultrasonic track, which lasts about 10 minutes and is usually run 2-3x back to back at a time of day when it is most effective. Since most healing takes place at night, I’d say run Elixir at night before bed.


Has this been updated to New Dawn yet? I’m seeing there’s not actual subliminal right now that provides healing with the latest technology of Subliminal Club.


Are regeneration and sanguine both focused on either men or women? Regeneration does contained ascension lite and godlike ‘masculinity’, I know the masculinity part doesn’t necessarily mean that it is made for men though. Same goes for the ascension, I’m aware there is both ascension for men and women so I’m just asking out of general certainty.

Any clues?


We don’t list it as “for women” because it does have Godlike Masculinity in it, even though it’s scripted in a way that it wouldn’t harm women via long-term exposure. It’s a disclosure thing.


Regeneration can help me find my true purpose (professionally-spiritually speaking) or has another one more recommended for that?


I wonder if finding one’s purpose is more Alchemist territory.

Although I’m sure some of the heavier -preneur subs could do the same, at this time those are geared towards men, and I’m guessing from your username that you are not.

Regeneration helps with emotional healing, which could remove some of the things getting in the way of seeing what your purpose is though. No guarantees.


I did not use it but I feel Emperor is the one which would point you to the field with the most growth (professionally and socially)


@AMASH coaches people for this. His input can make a difference here.


Thank you very much @Simon :slight_smile:

Yes, I coach people to help them find their true purpose, as well as a few other life-changing processes.

I have ran Regeneration last year for a full 60 days, and I know @Joa93 has ran it for a long while too. And for both of us, it did not manifest any new paths related to discovering one’s true purpose.

It has many other psychological benefits, though, that’s why we all appreciate Regeneration here in our community.


Regeneration should be forced mandatory for all new SubClub recruits.

You want to be an alpha sigma elite supermale with hot bitches on rotation and a pit of money within 3 days

Ok but first let’s talk about your childhood emotional triggers…


Nice to see you back here @AMASH!!
I agree with your appreciation of Regeneration. I did it for 50 days and didnt gave me anything related to my true purpose (at least not in an obvious way). But it gave me lots of healing and enhanced Selfsteem. As @Michel I feel Regeneration should be first step into subs, but thats just my opinion, to each its own.

The sub that gave me solid path manifestation and a clear view of my true purpose definitely was The Alchemist, looking back into the experience it made it all happen very quickly and at the same time very organically, so I didnt necesarilly got a hold of it until it was already manifested.

You know in Traditional Chinese Medicine they have a whole section devoted to Face Reading, you can read the whole life story and health status of a person in the face, and one set of lines shows if that particular person is indeed following his true spiritual path on earth.
So the deeper you have those lines the more you are actually serving you true purpose, what I find specially interesting is that those lines manifest whether or not you are consciously aware that you are on your true path, you can have those lines even if you believe you are not fullfilling your purpose, but you are actually doing it.

Sometimes we think we are not in our path because we dont have what we want or because we dont like what we have, but that can be exactly the right experience for that moment in your life, the exact right and necessary step in order for something else to manifest. Really cool stuff.


The idea of purpose has always been fascinating to me, especially since I have no idea what mine is.

@Joa93, if you dont mind me asking, how exactly did The Alchemist help you manifest/find your own “true” purpose?

Did it slowly guide you? Question you? I guess it didn’t just simply appear out out nowhere, one day, did it?


Oh yes, thank you guys for your contribution. It really made me think about some things.

I realized that I gave myself lot of healing past years.

But now, I want to live life doing the things the excites me and contributions to humanity at the same time. Also, contributing to the new earth’s paradigm.

But i’m feeling lost with so many options that doesn’t seem to speak completely with my heart.

So, @Joa93 I want something like that to happen to me.
Let me ask you, do you see any relationship between the manifestation of your purpose and your child’s will?


@pakr93 I began to lose interest in many disciplines and practices I was into at the time, they stop being fun for me. At the same time I manifested a mentor who led me to discover exciting new aplications for NLP and Hypnosis and showed me new concepts and how to put many pieces together.
That filled me up with excitement and motivation and I realized that I really love and enjoy helping people getting rid of fear and discover who they are and what are they here for.

@GoldenGirl Yes I do see a relationship between both things, my favorite games as a child was playing Teacher and Doctor, now as an adult the tools I use to manifest my purpose are teaching and healing (mostly but not exclusively emotional healing)

I realize that when I was a child I was in need for someone who taught me how to live and helped me to heal emotional wounds… later in life I became that person for myself and for others.


Wondering about how Khan Total Breakdown might compare and contrast with Regeneration?

I ran Regeneration for three months by itself and am thinking about adding it back into my stack to see if it has synergy with Spartan and Primal.

Might like to try level one of Khan, but I would rather stick with titles I’ve already purchased and also Khan seems to have a fair bit of overlap with Emperor, which I already have. It does not, however, have a level one total breakdown track, which I am pretty interested in.


Nomited for stickiness… :slight_smile:


I guess I wish they would develop a track that was a sort of “Universal Breakdown” and could be an entry point for getting people into the right mind state to listen to benefit from other subs.

I created a post independently, presenting this idea.