Main Dev. Thread -- Regeneration and The Elixir


That’s what new beginnings is for


I guess I’ll need to search around because I don’t know what “New Beginnings” is.


So maybe “New Beginnings” is a module in Khan and possibly in EmpV4?

I’ve got Emperor.


@dorfmeister It is a part of Emperor and 40 days in it is still having its way with me.


I may need to add Emp4 to my stack of Spartan, Primal and PCC as an experiment. Might be too much to stack, but with 15 or 16 hours a day over six months, with the other three tracks already having received several months of listening the results could be compelling.

Maybe I give Emp4 a week by itself before restarting the rest of the stack.


New Beginnings is an at-the-time custom module Saint was running that forced him to deal with a very specific challenge/fear that had been holding him back. It was so heavy he disappeared for weeks. Afterwards, Fire was able to generalize it a bit more and added a “Lite” version to Emperor. I’m guessing it is… confrontational?

Regeneration is more like a nice warm bath massaging the change into you. :slight_smile:

Every time I think of New Beginnings I’m imagining the scene from Harry Potter where they have to face the Boggart and defeat it by turning it into something funny.


I bought regeneration …so will I get discount and how much?


That was a long time ago, the one time offer expired.


What exactly differentiates elixir from limit destroyer and rebirth?


Firstly-this I am certain off
It’s a supercharger not a stack module in build
So ultrasonic with guided hypnosis vs. masked and/or ultrasonic versions

Secondly-This is speculation
Limit destroyer-breaks down internal limiting beliefs-I imagine this is done by acting on the thought-forms, and belief patterns in a more cognitive way.Rebirth restructures/ re-frames your relationship to your own past and who you have been. In the building example, acting in regards to a building and it’s foudnation- regeneration-revamps, rebirth restructures and gives new use, I AM/total breakdown demolishes and rebuilds a sky scraper.

Along these lines Elixer works with regeneration it acts on healing and releasing old issues and traumas gently, not through cognitive structural decimation or re-framing but through channeling healing energy and gentle release of issues it coaxes to surface.

In terms of effects

  1. Limit destroyer, inspiration-courage, confidence, self belief
  2. Regeneration and Elixer-well being, higher self esteem, lightness


This is why I think Khan stage 1/I am sub will be helpful for me really, since I got nothing out of Regeneration. I think I need stronger subs like those of Khan


Give Blue Skies a shot if you’re doing customs. It is VERY powerful and life changing. In retrospect I may not have given it enough thought.


I say quadpay Khan,
and give stage 1 a shot.
$25 every two weeks for two months. So not such a big commitment

Test that-no need to push through another 30 days of either not getting results or not being satisfied with the awareness of your results imo.

If you decide to get custom though-include Power Awareness :slight_smile:


Wait how does quadpay work? $25 for two weeks??


payment split in 4, each installment paid every two weeks.
It’s an option at checkout.


Does the same apply for the I AM module / Khan St1? Or is it different there? @Fire


I can’t actually find the original quote, but probably so.


I recognize that quote from the sales copy description for Regeneration.


Yes it is from the sales copy of Regeneration


I would guess that elixir is meant to speed up that process. Look forward to seeing how this ultima develops.