Main Dev. Thread - Spartan: Apex Warrior and The Legacy



You need to get yourself a modular synth wall!


Appreciate that very much. Put a lot of work into this one.

Logic Pro X for the music production, Pro Tools + Waves Complete for mixing and mastering.


What machine do you have and do you love it?


Mind Alive Alert Pro. I use it every day. My favorite aspect of it is that it also integrates Cranio Electro-Stim. Really augments the light and sound.

Complements the superchargers, hypnosis and meditation tracks. Really useful for deepening the experience. I also have a Proteus Light and Sound machine that I’ve had and used for about 15 years before getting the Alert Pro.


Thanks. I’m surprised that device has such low ratings on Amazon. Good to hear you love it.


I find it useful for hypnosis and meditation.

The people who gave very low reviews were likely looking for some kind of miracle cure for something like ADHD or anxiety. That is not going to happen.

I find that Amazon reviews are often fake, or extremely critical, or inane.


Indeed, my thoughts as well blackadder,


@SaintSovereign i felt i was rather aggressive in my reponse apologies. I am sure alot of people had success with Primal. However it didnt the push that Spartan gave me. Even though i opened over 100 girls on primal i didnt see anything tangible.

However whats interesting is that when running emperor spartan and aura together girls are more inviting when i open them.

Despite what i said 8n a previous post. I want to say you guys are doing a fabulous job at meeting customer requirements. I can see the product’s getting better over time. Again i am sorry ifmi hurt you in anyway.


Blackadder is your stack just spartan, emperor and aura i am running regeneration at the moment with emperor cant wait to run spartan with emperor once i am done with regen


@slickman that is correct


Slickman forgot to say i am also stacking aura


Just curious,

As my understanding Superchargers is a Guided Meditation track, so it’s better to use headphone to listen to it. But if you say it has ultrasonic module embedded into it, shouldn’t it be harmful to your ears if using headphone?


I believe all super chargers are hypnosis tracks that put you in trance using some kind of induction process. This i believe opens up the gateway between the unconsuis and consuis mind. Since they are masked there are no ultrasonics involved which means uou should be ok.


Yeah, but take a look at @SaintSovereign comment I replied above.
He said something about embedded ultrasonic track


Ultrasonic part is also included in SuperChargers. Maybe the volume is very low to ensure that there is no harm for hearing.


We lowered the volume of the embedded ultrasonic compared to the music track. If you listen to the supercharger at a comfortable level, you’ll be fine.


I understand and all is well. That being said, this is why we urge having a journal. It’s to provide us feedback on what’s working and what isn’t working, so we can release updates as such. Not only that, but we want our customers to have the best experience with our products that they can. If you were going to approach 100 women, we would’ve recommended Sex & Seduction over Primal. S&S is outer game, Primal is inner game. Because it’s hardcore inner development, it’s harder to “see anything” because those results may not be evident. Likewise, if you already have the inner development to approach 100 women (something most men can’t do without help), you may not have needed that inner game push from Primal – hence why you may have felt it was “weak.” To those with no inner development, they didn’t didn’t feel Primal was weak.

So, when providing feedback – good or bad – I only ask that everyone gives a bit of background information. This is a user group and feedback forum, not a complaints board.



Dear MavericKobra,
Thanks for your advise. Last week I visited a dietitian, who discourage me about this type of diet. For now, physical exercise it’s a must and eating at regular hours. Hahaha! I was playing with my health for many years. I need subliminal discipline.


When buying the Legacy today, will I also receive “Centurion”?