Main Dev. Thread - Spartan: Apex Warrior and The Legacy


Hey :wink:

Are there any long term reviews from people running Spartan?


Could legacy be used to help with nofap ?


I’ve been running Ultimate Artist by itself for nearly two months.

Today I added Spartan to my playlist.


Any timetable for a V2 of Spartan:Apex?


It’ll probably be rolled into Emperor Fitness.

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So is quantum limitless the next title to be released or is it emperor fitness?


Guessing that means it won’t be available stand-alone as an upgrade for existing Spartan users?


It would be unfortunate not to have any updates to Spartan. From looking at forum volume my guess is that it was a poor seller, so I guess that would follow.

It seems I am running two of the least popular titles right now in Spartan and Ultimate Artist and before that Regeneration, which also does not appear to be a particularly popular title

I like single stage set it and forget it titles, though. I have yet to purchase any of the four part titles, though they seem to be all the rage and no doubt useful.


So is there going to be an update to Spartan? I would pay for an improved version with additional features and latest tech. Would rather run this as a boxer as it focuses on combat more and my understanding is Emperror Fitness will be more for everyday gym go-ers.

Also, any danger in exposing my girlfriend to Spartan? Will she grow a pair of balls and kick my ass?


I guess they’ll update spartan first and then use it to create Emperor fitness. They did the same thing with Emperor v3 and Khan… Why would they neglect Spartan? It’s a great sub.

Also, people in their journals reported the drive they had at gym and how Spartan helped with their workouts. So I dont think it’s a “fighting” sub at all.


Who knows what they are doing… They have been very hush hush the past month since power can corrupt was released. I am hoping they are releasing Quantum limitless and mind’s eye before the end of the month. It would be nice since they updated Emperor to v3 to update AM and mogul to v3 too. I am sure spartan, legacy, and beyond limitless will get updated soon enough with the release of emperor fitness when ever that is released.


Its has a fighting vibe but it is mainly a fitness sub


Spartan isn’t doing, it’s just being reborn as Emperor Fitness, a much more comprehensive program.

Ultimate Artist isn’t dead, it’s also being reimagined…


Can’t wait to see the re-imagined version of UA


So if we have Spartan currently, will there be no scenarios when Emperor Fitness is released in which we would be better off running Spartan instead? Will Emperor Fitness make Spartan redundant?


I am committed to using Ultimate Artist. I have been using since its release and as my only sub for a couple of months. Now it is running in equal parts with Spartan for me.


Ten days of The Spartan


I had Spartan in my stack from mid Oct '19 until recently when I started with the EmperorQ testing and ran that solo.

I am thinking of having Spartan going all the time in my workout area in the basement. This would mean I would get exposed to it from a bit under, to a bit over one loop a day, but at the most opportune time, when I am working out.


What were your results