Main Dev. Thread - Spartan: Apex Warrior and The Legacy


when I first saw this trailer, I dropped and did 50 pushups


After watching this, I grew a third leg


That happened to me, after using male enhancement in my custom


Legacy Ultima is probably going to be a good alternative to Commander for status. Just wanted to post this since Legacy isn’t listed in any status categories.

Pop reference would be sigma vs alpha status, sigma being more adaptable and capable of shifting to alpha when needed. Sigma is symbolic of deconstruction, and usually requires a more powerful superior to maintain a healthy power balance and societal stability… IE Commander.


I did prefer the visualization of Legacy. And it is considered a great masculinity sub. Of course, it could be that the Ultima version is more aimed at the physical fitness stuff.




@user9437773791397760 That would probably make most of this forum jizz their collective panties


How is The Legacy Ultima for you?


Maybe there is some sleep stuff inside legacy


yeah there is something inside legacy that is changing my sleep.

I accidentally left legacy on loop, 4x loops. I just woke up after four hours, no dreams.

Final note, Legacy is not strong enough to prevent the melatonin response, which is … no energy or will to stay awake. It would be interesting to see if executive has any influence here. The biggest issue is monoamines/neutrotransmitters becoming low, to trigger deep sleep (Caffeine will never work at this stage).


Has anyone noticed the Legacy affecting their cognitive capabilities or strengthening the mind-body connection?


Not yet…


Are you listening to it now then?


yes. every now and then


I think it is supposed to do that same with spartan


Do you feel more grounded and integrated?


Yes. Every now and then


That must be an interesting experience. I would go for that sub if it was more focused on psychical healing and regeneration/ Of course if I did some physically demanding sport I would get it too. Thank you for your answers.


Cognitive enhancement isn’t something you just “notice.” You’ll need to have some kind of test or benchmark to see the effects. Many people use a game called Dual-n-back to test:


Great, I may use it as a reference point if I decided to run QL. Before starting the sub and at some points while running it and of course at the end of the run. Thank you.