Main Dev. Thread - Spartan: Apex Warrior and The Legacy


It’s on the table. As someone who is on TRT, I can assure you that the process is more involved than just raising testosterone levels. There’s a whole “balancing act” that goes on, one that requires me to get expensive blood work every 3 months. If anything, we’ll try to balance all hormones.


That awnser my question, I might run this sub this summer to heal my body :smiley:


Thanks Sovereign I am in the low end of T hence me asking. I believe IGF2 is more important to muscle growth. I only there was a.sub that could raise t.levels


Is the supercharger meant to listen right before training for maximum effects?


Also is in Spartan teachings of Wim Hof included like his penetrating mind control and ability to stay longer in the cold


It is meant to be listened at least once in a day, preferably at least once in the morning and once in the evening.

Not sure about penetrating mind control, but you will definitely be able to control your mind at peak efficiency while working out or doing something physical. As for staying longer in the cold, depends if that is your goal, then the subliminal will be able to help you with that.


Couldn’t you state that those are the sub modules in the script or some of them so people don’t think oh i’m getting like 10 files lol?


can i get a link to purchase the bundle together since i have my discount code and would like to use it to buy the products


Add Spartan to your cart, pay for it and it’ll trigger the one time offer.


So I am hoping Spartan will encourage the development of a “Warrior Alpha” mindset which I would see as having differences with the “Social Alpha” of Ascension and the “Sexual Alpha” of Primal.


Yes, you hit it on the nail. There is a heavy emphasis on strengthening your body and mind through weightlifting, martial arts, etc. The personal power training from Ascension and Emperor is included also, though @Fire may adjust it a bit to meet the goals of the program.


So it has like the fat burner sub module and rich deep sleep from emperor?


Can I just use legacy before gym without spartan and still get results


Yes. It will prime your conscious mind for working out.


My plan is to combine Primal with Spartan.


Fun Fact:
Spartan – which uses an early version of New Dawn technology – is a whopping 144 pages long, which is double the length of Emperor. :wink:

It’s gonna suck to build and maintain New Dawn subliminals. We’ve got our work cut out for us, but we believe it’ll be WELL worth the trouble.


Blimey with the script being a mammoth. Is our grey matters going to abke to digest the script if stacked with other products ?


@dorfmeister I have decided that Spartan might stack better with emperor to get a more effective alpha effect.

Will see what the final build is before its release.


We think so, though you may have to limit yourself to two major programs. We’ll see.


When upgrading Emperor to New Dawn: Does this mean Emperor will double in size too?