Main Dev. Thread - Spartan: Apex Warrior and The Legacy


Possibly. Might triple, as Emperor is already a large script.



If you think the script might be two large and hence to overwhelming you could split Spartan across two or more subliminals to illustrate see example below

Stage 1
God like Extreme Self Esteem
God like spartan mental strength enhancer
Gold like Procrastination annihilation

Stage 2

Rapid Muscle Regeneration
Testosterone amplifier
Prolactin balancer
Muscle blaster

Stage 3 ?


If we start building multistages, the price will rise. We’re planning the first multistage for late this year, but we’ve been trying to keep prices lower for everyone by avoiding this route until absolutely necessary. We’re trying to max out the “single stage” subliminals first.


Any hints about this, what will it cover?


I’ll never tell. :wink:



Khan :rofl:


If Emperor Doubles in size does that mean you are adding to it? Or the stuff just doesn’t fit the same way?


Ya Once spartan is out I’m just going to run emperor, spartan, and regeneration or limitless.


Trade secret. :slight_smile:
Sorry, the answer to this question would give away too much information. That being said, it WILL work better.


When can we finally see Emperor Primaltech v2 :wink:



I think running Spartan with Emperor makes more sense. They are both harsh and will work well in tandem.


My biggest wish would be a single subliminal track that aims toward the mental, physical and spiritual optimization of a man.

One huge script incorporating all that is important for one’s development as a man. Essentially, Emperor, Spartan, Regeneration, Limitless and Primal combined together, optimized and integrated. I would set it and forget it and just let it loop endlessly 24 hours a day and get on with my life.

I’d pay quite a bit more than $35 for that, definitely.


I agree plus they are both kinda all in one subs it seems plus regeneration would seal the deal.


That’s what we’re shooting for with The Alchemist “blended” edition.


Probably in a few months or who knows they might just go straight for the new dawn upgrade.


@dorfmeister may i suggest you give Emperor V2 a bash ? It may well live upto to your expectations.


I am using it now. I have been using the original and then V2 of Emperor continuously since August 29 of 2018.

That has been the subliminal I have listened to the most, by far.

Right now I am running Emperor and Regeneration, though I also have some specific circumstances during which I will play Limitless. Emperor and Regeneration right now are getting the bulk of my 19 to 22 hours a day of listening time.


If i do go for Spartan ideallyibwould be running

X 6Spartan
X 6 Emperor

I cannot spend anymore time then the 12 loop window.

@dorfmeister what are your thoughts ?


I think that sounds like a great combination for developing some real, well rounded power.

I want to combine those two together as well, as I have committed to running Emperor continuously for an entire year and am at the six month point now, but I am also rehabbing from knee surgery, so Spartan seems perfect for helping with that.

I am thinking of seeing if I can get away with running both of those with Regeneration, too.


That is what i’m thinking of doing and maybe a few sub mods