Main Dev. Thread - Spartan: Apex Warrior and The Legacy


Thanks Dorfmeister i always respect your opions as you speak with experience.


Fire can you please add in the basic aura to Spartan?


Aura is in the standard script, it’s included.


@SaintSovereign thanks can you amplify it to make the aura more masculine ?


So is there a plan to release a subliminal that would only contain The Standard Script®? This would seem to me to be a great subliminal on its own as I am assuming The Standard Script® touches upon everything you see as foundational to self development, even if it may not go into great depth in these areas.

Also, The Standard Script® is contained in its entirety in all major programs, right?


We should really have elements if emperor in spartan


I’ve said this in other places but I would like to see a subliminal that aim at a big picture overview of the elements that are necessary to be a fully developed man. The archetypal forces that underly mastery, success, and power.

This particular approach would be my greatest wish.

One sub to rule them all. :wink:

A Super-Emperor of sorts. The God Sub.


Why don’t you just run Emperor with Spartan?

You realize these subliminals are made to be stacked right?

The creators can’t include every element of every subliminal in every other subliminal they create.


@Alexander is right, we did create the stacking scripting for this reason. That being said, once New Dawn is complete, we’ll have a lot more room to play around with things like this.


Cant wait to see emperor in new dawn eventually.


I know you’ve said in other places that only two major programs should be stacked. So that limits the efficacy of stacking somewhat. That is one reason I’d like to see a subliminal that combines, streamlines and optimizes the programs that would be most essential for the development of a modern man. Those to me would be Emperor (or maybe Ascension and Mogul), Primal, Limitless, Spartan and arguably Regeneration. I’d stack the previously mentioned tracks if I believed it would get me there but it seems like a streamlined and optimized track, while still not being the fastest path, would be more efficient.

Like I’ve said it would be really nice to have one track and then set it and forget it and let it loop pretty much forever.

I’d pay more for such a program, within reason (not like $500, though :wink: ).


I would pay a coupe of hundred dollars for a track like that hint hint :wink: @Fire @SaintSovereign


Alex it has been said that spartan requires a minimum of 7 loops to be effective. Most people only get 7 hours to liaten to subs in 24 hours. Mostly during sleep time. Unless you are on the dole or smoke marijauna all day you wont get much more time to listen to other subs.


@dorfmeister i concur definitively would would not pay 500 dollars like that other subliminal company. That guy is bonkers he is now charging thousands for his new program. His entrepreneur program was a 100% failure and that was bloody expensive !.


Through having multiple mp3 players and speakers set up at home and in my office at work I imagine I get about 20 hours give or take of listening a day. I realize I’ve got a more advantageous situation than many can muster, though. I also play ultrasonic tracks from my phone.


@dorfmeister unfortunaly i dont have that luxury :frowning:


I bought a cheap phone just for ultrasonic so now I just leave it playing on it so I’m listening pretty much all day, I still have to check from time to time whether its still playing and how’s the battery going but other then that it’s pretty decent


All of my set-ups with mp3 players and speakers use cheap gear, though. $25 mp3 players and $20 wired computer speakers. So in that sense there is nothing “luxury” about it.


I am constantly mobile so it ain’t practical for me to hookup ultrasonics. Do you play the ultras through your phone connected to speakers ?


Yes. I do this exclusively.