Main Dev. Thread - Spartan: Apex Warrior and The Legacy


I play ultrasonic tracks at work through an mp3 player with computer speakers.

I also play ultrasonic tracks through the tiny speaker on my phone if I am away from home or office.


If Spartan is used in tandem with the aura module what aura will it generate from the user ?


Probably a badass aura once of those i’m not the person you wanna fuck with.


Spartan New Dawn, the included pre-order bonus for Spartan is so complex that it crashed @Fire’s computer multiple times until we upgraded it. This thing is massive, takes triple the amount of time to script and build — we’re sure it’s going to be worth it.


I am figuring the Spartan New Dawn bonus will only be ultrasonic?

I am figuring Spartan drops tomorrow?


Masked should be included


Yes, but I don’t think pre-order bonus subs have been included in masked form in the past.


If it crashed Fires computer system. We can only imagine what this product will do to our brains.


Your brain will be forced to reboot… :wink:


@WhiteTiger definitely would cause a cold brain reboot :slight_smile:.

If only two major programs can only be used does this meam i cannot use rebirth ? and regenerate even at a single loop ?


I am currently using regeneration and emperor and i want to include spartan as well. I want to use regeneration for at least 4 months so would you recommend that i finish regeneration then add spartan with emperor or use all 3 im guessing that will be an overkill. Whats everyone’s stack going to be with spartan?


I am running Emperor and Regeneration now. I am unsure if it is a good idea, but I plan to add Spartan to that stack. I plan to listen to those three until the end of August when I will hit one year having run Emperor continuously. I will at that point assess where I am and what changes I need to make.

I should add that I am running Elixir once or twice a night through a light and sound machine.

I have my doubts about running three major programs in my playlist, but I do get about 20 hours of listening in a day and I am hoping the volume of listening can boost its effectiveness.


@dorfmeister running 3 full blown subs without any shadow of a doubt would diminish the effects.

I suggest you reassess your priorities and choose two which you feel are most important to you.


@slickman I suggest you complete your running of either emperor or regeneration before beginning Spartain. My reasoning is its best to finish what you started.


This may well be true, but I am going to attempt it anyway.


We was blessed with a Creativity Unleashed mask. That was a pre-order bonus. I just purchased both. Hope masked is included.


Ok i purchased Spartan lets hope it stacks well.


Just purchased it myself also probably wont use it till about June time currently running regeneration and emperor then i will go on and listen to spartan and emperor for the rest of the year.


I plan to use it today i hope it gets released before i go to bed in the next 3 hours.


Same here. I’m hoping it comes out by tomorrow morning so that I can implement The Legacy before my morning workout and Spartan during my morning workout. Looking forward to run this.