Main Dev. Thread - Spartan: Apex Warrior and The Legacy


Your from the uk blackadder?


sorry warblade wrong box lol


@Slickman Indeed I am matey :slight_smile:


Cool thought so im from wales lol Monday is looming morning alarm us getting closer :smiling_imp:


Might just wait till 1130pm an see whether it is uploaded by then.


I am pretty sure they have always released the major programs on Sunday, though I am not sure if they have maintained a consistent time to do so.


@dorfmeister Where in the world are you ?


We have consistently released programs the day after pre-orders end. The titles will be released sometime tomorrow.

@Fire has worked non-stop on building Spartan New Dawn (the raw sound files are clocking at a whopping 32gb), so please be patient.

No one on the forum has done this – just a few sending support e-mails – but please remember that sending angry or abusive messages is grounds for us to cancel your pre-order and add you to our block list. We don’t like resorting to that option, since we understand your frustrations, but these things take time.



Dear @SaintSovereign and @Fire,
Please, keep calm! Do your best, as always! Deadlines aren’t important, enjoy our lives are!


I’ve never understood how or why people think sending angry messages helps get what they want.


Keep up the hard work really appreciate all the efforts you are putting in to these subs and also you take on board what your customers want out of the subs


Immature behaviour and “blaming parent projections for not delivering what you promised, Ma & Pa” re-directed to Saint and Fire. Nothing else :slight_smile:


Hi SaintSovereign, one question. I’ve read that you use an iPhone (can’t remember which model now), I looked it up and it has 2 speakers. I’m using a OnePlus 6 which only has one speaker. Will the subs be adversely affected if I play through the speaker? Because of this concern, I’ve been using earbuds connected to the phone while I sleep, and it’s not very comfortable.


With Spartan New Dawn, yes, one speaker could hurt you. Should be fine with just Spartan, though.


Interested in public testing? Please point your attention to: Main Testing Thread - Spartan New Dawn Alternative Usage


Fire thanks for your efforts for getting Spartan up for us all. Looking foreward to trying this bad boy right now :slight_smile:


The Good News:

SPARTAN has arrived. It should be available NOW in your downloads. If not, send me a PM or an e-mail. @Fire and I are so excited to see how this performs, especially Spartan New Dawn. We’re already working on newer versions of New Dawn and it’s POSSIBLE that we’ll release an updated version of Spartan New Dawn in the next two weeks. Enjoy!

The Bad News:

We had some technical issues regarding The Legacy. It’s going to be delayed 2 - 3 days. We could release tonight, but it’s not our way to release bad products. We’d rather deal with the backlash than to give you terrible service. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


Rather wait for a great product then get a not finished product


I ran the masked for 5 loops. I have been very snappy and angry since running Emperor. Spartan i believe helps you channel that anger into gym, boxing. I felt an urge to burn myself out completely at the gym today.


Ok Cool. I was wondering where The Legacy was in my downloads. No worries. I’ll just listen to Spartan in the meantime. Thanks for everything you do.