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I am all for the development of this new tech. One issue comes up from this discussion of two speakers vs. one. Many users need to do some, much or all of their listening using what is often a single tiny speaker on a cell phone. If New Dawn as a tech requires two speakers, will there be a version created that is optimized for one speaker listening scenarios?



I use a phone speaker, is it more effective if I buy a physical speaker and use it or can I continue to use my phone speaker


New Dawn shouldn’t require two speakers, though it MAY function better if you do use two. We haven’t tested that yet. The current version of New Dawn (like you’d find in Spartan New Dawn) does not require two speakers.


I use the phone speaker from my iPhone XR. You should be fine for now.


Let’s just all get decent speakers and ear buds. New Dawn and our success are matters too serious to quibble about.


Easier said than done for some and if having only a phone speaker to do your listening were your situation it would not be quibbling.

That is where at least some users are and if the subs can be used with the speakers included with phones it makes getting more listening time in easier.

I know there are many situations where putting in an earbud or attaching to a speaker is not possible. At that point the phone speaker is the only option.

Flexibilty is something worthwhile to possess.

My take is that if the tech can be optimized for lesser gear it becomes useful for a wider range of people, and thus can help more people, leading to greater profit for the makers. Requiring higher quality gear simply leaves people out and reduces profit overall.


It maybe not be the most practical, but I use my headphone as speakers for the ultrasonic. It may be a great temporarily alternative for people who already have headphones but no stereo speakers. This way you get stereo sound. Besides that most headphones have an high enough upper range(Unless they are very cheap).


What are some examples of these situations? I can’t think of any.


At work, I can have it going through a speaker some of the time, but if I am walking around it is bad form to have an earbud in.

Driving, when you are listening to something else but you’d also like to have the subliminal running in the background from the phone.

In a situation where you need to be listening or paying close attention to sounds around you. Like moving around in traffic, etc. and you don’t want a device in your ear.

If I am traveling it is a hassle to bring a speaker along and I cannot sleep with headphones or something in or on my ear as it is uncomfortable and earbuds fall out if you roll around. It is very simple to run the track from the phone on the nightstand.

Plus, the simpler the solution, generally the better. It is good to be able to listen with the phone because you always have it. One needs to get in the habit of constantly bringing earbuds and in most situations a speaker is a hassle to cart around.


Thanks, that makes sense. Prior to your reply, I was thinking of policemen or machinists where they couldn’t listen when they are at work but still could listen on their commute home via public transport and listen through speakers / sleepphones at bed time.


The bottom line for me is, just as Sub Club has ultrasonic, masked and experimental versions, that I would like to see them create an effective separate version that can be run with the most minimalist tech available, which is the phone with that tiny speaker. Not to limit the tech, but to make it as broadly accessible as possible.

With that being said the majority of my listening gets done from set-ups I have created using mp3 players attached to wired speakers. That works really well for me.

I don’t ever listen from headphones or earbuds because I find them uncomfortable, though I know for some people that is the main mode of listening, and it works really well for them.

I guess, too, I am kind of obsessive about maximizing listening time and try to find ways to do it. Often just the phone with the little speaker is the easiest, most accessible way.


If there are days when I am not working out for example I might go for a few days not working out due to having to travel should I continue running Spartan ?


Yes, continue to run it nonstop unless you’re using the alternate usage protocol.


I think the sub is making me more regimental with my diet. I gave away all my chocolate bars I had to a friend.


I am not noticing that yet on Spartan, but it would be a nice development if managing food became easier.


I have experienced an amplified endurance a stronger will to carry on my workout alot longer then i normally do.


This time, same question for Spartan. :slightly_smiling_face:
The replies I got for Regeneration were extremely valuable.

One more question:
Does Spartan contain scripting to enable the boring stuff - mobility drills, stretching, Feldenkrais sessions, yoga, etc.?


Female colleague at work today: 'Where’s that sound coming from, that high-pitched sound?
Male colleague: It’s coming from over there, near Charles.
Me: wtf?
Spartan ultrasonic on iPhone XS, took it out of my pocket just to check it was still running, they both heard this from a range of about 10 feet.


The iPhone X series has powerful stereo speakers — you may have to turn the volume down when using it.


Yes. Go to the gym, lift, exercise, take a martial art, go for a run, etc.

It’s a physical and mental strengthening Subliminal with alpha / warrior training included. It’s not a passive sub at all. See @OmFlux’s journal — he seems to be getting good results, but he’s clearly taking action.

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