Main Dev. Thread - Spartan: Apex Warrior and The Legacy


Yep. And martial arts.


Rewrote the script for The Legacy from scratch since I wasn’t pleased with the first version. It’s a more minimalistic approach to the supercharger line, but it’s also different than what we’ve done before. I believe it will be much more effective and interesting.


Sounds promising. When’s that coming out?



@blackadder - Same here with Emperor… Also past physical injuries are coming back up.


I have noticed an improved focus on my diet. I’d been tracking my macros anyway. I am 5’9" and 183 lbs. I’m pretty solid but with some slight paunch from being 46 years old, and I was relatively inactively from age 25 to age 44, so trying to reverse 20 years of poor habits takes some time.

The Macros I’ve been tracking to since the beginning of the year are 180gm carbs, 70gm fat, 175gm protein. I’m historically apt to cheat, or fill those macros with bad food choices.

Since on Spartan the last three days, I am less likely to do so. I still fit in one small piece of organic chocolate dipped in organic peanut butter at the end of my night with my protein shake. I’ve had a life-time addiction to chocolate and candy bars. I recall one time last year where I relayed to my Crossfit Coach what I’d eaten in the prior 24 hours, and I literally astonished myself as I played it back to her. Burger King, pop tarts, Taco Bell, Pizza, Chocolate bars, all in one 24 hour block. I’ve slowly improved that but now I am 99% dialed in.

Typical day is Overnight Oats for breakfast, no added sugar, just some cinnamon, organic almond butter and chia seeds.

Protein bar two hours later for snack.

Chicken and vegetables for lunch.

Avocado on toast with pepper and a little olive oil for snack. Sometimes a banana or apple depending on where I am at with my macros.

Dinner is a meat and a salad. Sometimes rice or a potato depending on what macros I have to fill.

Protein shake in raw organic milk, and the organic square of chocolate as referred to above.

This has been my last three days, and more or less my last couple months, except I used to fill the gaps in macros with pretzels or candy. That urge is largely gone now.

Planned ahead for the night before so I’m not guessing all day long on what to eat. I use MyFitnessPal to track and plan.

Cool thing is I’m taking some photos every week, and have a photo for day 1 of Spartan. Will be interesting to see what things look like after 12 weeks on Spartan. Granted, I don’t work out for body/looks, I work out for sport, but I suspect things will change in my body for the better.

Probably should put this post in my journal.

Khan combined with libertine

Past injuries ? May i ask you elaborate ?


@blackadder - shoulder pain and rib pain from playing football back in the days. I have been pain free for a while. But one thing for sure I noticed. I am getting annoyed more often than usual from others and getting a bit snappy. If that’s a word lol. I am starting to tune certain people out completely.


Actually when you mentioned snappy andnangry it sounds like what i get on emperor.


@SaintSovereign and @Fire
I’m being running ascended mogul v2 since it was available with limitless. I bought Spartan and Legacy because I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2. Then, I decided to embrace a rigid plan of health caring. However, since learning is a very important part of my goals, I wanted to know if AM v2 has embedded the entire limitless or not? It’s Spartan the right sub to take care of my health?


I dont understand sometimes when i ran my following stack

4 × spartan
6 x emperor
1 x rebirth

I felt really good my endurance was much improved and my diet became very regimental. I felt extremely confident. Then i changed my stack as below

6 x Spartan
2 Emperor
2 x Rebirth

I woke up and looked in the mirror and thought why do i look sp ugly. I broke down into tears. After about an hour i pulled myself together.

Then headed to tge gym and did a good workout. I felt as though eyes were upon me watching me. I even felt that girls looked at me with disgust.

When i got back home i was scared so began playing only emperor for 4 loops. After which i felt normal again.

Not sure whats going on ? Do i have serious self esteem issues that are not being dealt with ?


I am going to add Godlike Masculinity to my stack that I believe should fix my issues will see how things progress and report back.


Go for high carb vegan diet. Type 2 diabetes will reverse within one month. I have reversed my incurable auto immune disease in 2 weeks with this diet. Search for Dr John Mcdougall and read his book The Starch Solution. Im following this diet since last one month.


Got an update on this?


Solaris becareful the sound waves may effect colleagues aroubd you.


Yep. Will be out today. I’m working on it as we speak (actually just sent the pre-mix to @Fire for his feedback). VERY interested in hearing the feedback on this one, since it’s different than what we’ve done before and incorporates some new techniques suggested by our hypnotherapist consultant.


Pre-mix complete. Now mastering.


The Legacy is exactly 8 minutes long. We designed it for use right before working out, or martial arts, or any kind of physically strenuous event – marathons, mud runs, sexual activity :wink: – so we did what we could to remove any superfluous padding so you can listen and immediately get to business.


Oh, interesting. So, before the workouts.

This won’t encourage me to push so hard that I’ll get injured, will it? Now I’m in my late 50s and for the past decade, or so, my calves and hamstrings have been prone to nasty pulls if I run to fast or lunge after a tennis ball or frisbee. Lately, even steady state jogging has been threatening to pull a muscle.

So, I’m hoping for something that strongly encourages me to work out hard but safely – as well as direct me to better eating and sleeping habits.


No. It should provide a nice motivational kick. Remember, the superchargers also have an embedded ultrasonic subliminal, so over time, you’ll get the benefits of that also.