Main Dev. Thread - Spartan: Apex Warrior and The Legacy


Now exporting “The Legacy.” Will release within the next hour or so.


The Legacy is now available under My Account --> Downloads. If it’s not showing up, please send me a PM or an e-mail to [email protected].


In what ways are “Centurion” intended to augment or catalyze Spartan and Legacy?


Centurion focuses specifically on gym and physical performance. Spartan has mindset training too.


Does Spartan have the sex mastery script ?


This is the first i have heard of Centurian hace youngot details of this anywhere ?


I’m guessing that it is best to run Centurion during workouts. I’m assuming it acts as some sort of catalyst while you’re doing any type of physical activity.


Hi, what is spartan mindset? Is it like alpha and other things??


Ignore my last question please thanks


Just listened to “The Legacy” for the first time. I plan to run it and “The Elixir” back to back as my evening meditation.


Initial thoughts?


I like it. Noticing the very active and energizing drum track. The vocals also see to be doubled with some variations between the doubled tracks. This seems new.

I like the track but need to listen more to get a better sense of it and its effects.


Will spartan and legacy help me develop a highly nutritious diet and let go of all unhealthy food that is keeping me fat


Spartan is Primal on steriods for me Primal did nothing despite using it for months it was too weak waste of time and money. This Spartan is everything that Primal should have been its extremely motivating like emperor it really pushes through the hard times and dissolves hurdles that stand in your way.

Khan combined with libertine

So centurion is just the physical script part of spartan? What would be a recommended ratio of stacking it with Spartan?


Liking the fearless, dominant, perseverence themes. Very driving. Some interesting vocals that sound like Himalayan throat singing. The sound of flickering flames.

I think this one packs the most into its 8+ minutes of all the Superchargers yet. This is going to get nightly play.

Has elements of Zep’s Moby Dick, Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk and tribal drumming to it. Very Metal!

I might have called the track, “INDOMITABLE”.


Primal is one of our highest rated subliminals and we get constant e-mails praising how well it worked for them. The difference between Primal and Spartan is that the latter has scripting that makes effects much more evident, while Primal requires you to go out and talk to women and / or interact with people in social settings to see the results.

While we welcome critique and feedback, blanket statements without any context does not help anyone.


No. It has unique scripting, but is focused very much on physicality.


Yes, I put a lot of production work into this one, lol. I almost made it in 5.1 surround, but I would’ve had to delay it again. Eventually, I want the supercharger line to be insanely immersive, possibly even supporting Dolby Atmos. I’ve been playing around with that recently.


This one is definitely my favorite thus far.

I’ve just given it three back to back spins through the light and sound machine.

So what do you use for production? Pro Tools? Logic? Ableton?