Main Dev. Thread - StarkQ


yes good question, and how much if any of quantum limitless stage 1 is in there? the mental, cognitive, nervous system balancing stuff. will it possibly be available as a side healing module with Q?
I always appreciate your participation here as the makers.


I was actually thinking StarkQ and QL ST4 would be a very powerful stack, although not sure how much overlap there is.


I have ran Khan 1 for almost a month and I have to say, that even though there was healing moments, I always more felt like the true me. Social, very much like talking and meeting different people, connecting with them. Influencing… how I used to be before I became all fuckedup

I have never felt drawn to emperor because the above was missing and honestly I have never felt drawn to it.

So I like all that starkq has to offer minus the emperor. Maybe I should create my own stack? PPC with dardevil and Ascension?


Apart from Steve Jobs, two other entrepreneurs come to my mind when I hear about fame, innovation and creativity.

One, naturally is Elon Musk.

The other one is lesser known but I still would like to mention Richard Garriot for his ability to build worlds for others in his computer games and also fulfil his dream of going into space.


Lady Gaga is definitely on the list too.


Because she invented the Meat Dress? :wink:


Does it have healing components? I dont remember reading about it, but it makes sense due to what Im feeling today.


Does StarkQ and EmpQ enhance the results from other products that aren’t upgraded to Q?


Yes. Pretty much every title has healing.


Stark q also has inner circle in it?


Yes it does


It also has power can corrupt?


yes it does


I was originally turned off by the fame aspect of this one being a natural introvert. However in my field of real estate sales, professional fame might help my success. How do you think this title would work if someone is more introverted and gets tired of socializing easily? Does more professional fame necessarily mean you have to socialize more?


Well, the sub will definitely drive you to create a massive network of useful people, it even says so in the description I believe. That’s one of its aspects and is not necessarily linked to the fame. In your case, the final version of Emperor may be more up your real estate.

As for the professional fame, you would do something nobody has done before, it’s where the fame comes from. So on StarkQ, you may just be able to sell the White House to another country. That’ll make you famous. :slight_smile:


Don’t confuse fame/renowm with being extraverted :wink:


I’ve been listening to StarQ for 3 days and the thing that stands out most, is the enormous desire to absorb knowledge since I’ve started listening.


Just warn us if you get a sudden interest in robotics and AI. And highly volatile power sources.


:clap:t2:bravo on that one my friend is this the khan talking?lol


If anything, it would be EmperorQ.

I was thinking how could someone become famous in real estate. Thomas Crowne comes to mind. Boy would I love to be him. But he’s not world famous. If you had to achieve fame in real estate, do something that hasn’t been done before. Selling 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue sounded just about right.

Keep in mind there are different levels of difficulty here. Selling it to China is easy, they already own half the country. Selling it to Canada on the other hand…