Main Dev. Thread - StarkQ


Run Emperor and you get to live in the Forbidden City.

Run Stark and you get to sell it.

Pick your choice.


If someone can sell the Eiffel Tower twice, selling the White House shouldn’t be much a problem I think


Does it make sense to run Asc Mogul & Stark Q 1:1 ?


very good point, that makes me think of all the famous reclusive genius types.


When you guys should make your next badass sub with Q, you should try making a sub like Bruce Wayne. It could be similar to Stark in some aspects but more diversified in others especially things like martial arts and other things lol.


On fame:

Unexpectedly at work in the hospital, a film crew appeared to interview the nurses. Unavoidably I kept getting in their shots…


I don’t know why. But I always thought Emperor is a Batman-esque sub.

Not of course - the real Batman - as in martial arts and deep voice.

But more as a wealth, alpha man that has a dark alter ego that he can tap into to destroy his opponents (again, not talking about ju-jitsu per se).


well, if you use the emperor in conjunction with fitness and train martial arts for a while. I think it would make a good Batman :rofl: :piscadela:


This resonates with me. The solitary competence, independent drive and superlative effectiveness; the single-mindedness and transcendence of conformity. I do think there are things in common between the Emperor vision and the Batman archetype.


It’s funny how nobody has mentioned the brooding.


or the dysfunctionally obsessive attachment to one’s few early core relationships and the paranoia driven guardedness against new, vulnerable emotional connections?

Hoping not to see those features (i.e., Batman’s developmental fixation at the emotional age of 9 years old) in the overlapping space of the Batman-Emperor Venn diagram.


Saint also memntioned something about “dark secrets” for the Emperor.


@SaintSovereign has been very quiet the last couple of days.

I think something big is coming soon!


He is probably getting some rest after multiple all nighters working on starkQ lol. But i’m sure the lockdown and stay at home orders unless you are essential are helping him spend 10x more time working on Q.


Funny as I’ve been watching Avengers movies the past couple days, and keep thinking to myself that Tony stark is the Bruce Wayne of Marvel.

To me, Bruce even acts similar to Tony when he’s in the public eye.


To an extent - yes.

But Tony isn’t as brooding and emotionally fucked up as Bruce Wayne, in my opinion.

I think Tony Stark is the Marvel’s healthier version of Bruce Wayne : )

A rich man, who masters the skills and then employs it for the good of others, while at the same time isn’t as caught up in the past as Bruce and is less driven from pain & anger.

I think I’d feel much better being Tony Stark rather than Bruce Wayne.

Also know this is coming from a huge fan of Batman : )


Bruce is pretending to have fun.

Tony is actually having fun.

Bruce/Batman is the embodiment of the pulp-noir brooding detective. Doesn’t come alive until it’s night.

Tony is the genius inventor combined with the carefree playboy.

Bruce holds his true identity and his true intentions extremely close to the chest, revealing his true ideas and feelings to no one.

Tony is eager to reveal to the world what he’s doing at the earliest possible moment. He wants the recognition and adoration.

But, they’re both wealthy sons of powerful patriarchs.


@Davisnwc - I watched Iron Man yesterday too. Didn’t get StarkQ but felt inspired to watch the movie after SubClub released this.


“Jarvis, purchase the subliminal would you? 10 Loops sync in every suit, now.”


@Sirchiropractixalot - haha. Imagining Tony Stark getting this sub. He would be the master of all the other Tony Starks in the multiverses.