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Lets face it Tony Stark can be extremely reckless and I wonder whether he has any common sense :slight_smile: He goes on TV threatens, I think it was the Mandarin and tells the whole world his home address. So what do the terrorists do they come and bomb his place where his girlfriend is also living. Putting both him and his girlfriend in danger. So guys don’t be threatening terrorists after your spell on Stark Q :smile:


For those who read the comics, remember the “Demon in a Bottle” story line. There Tony Stark ended up being an alcoholic.


Talking about inspiring role models even James Bond is an alcoholic. He puts peoples lives at risk by overindulging in alcohol prior to a mission to save humanity. Not the person I would ever want to be. MI6 really need to put him through a detox, therapy and aftercare programme before they send him on any further missions :slight_smile:

Like Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne and James Bond we can take the best bits of each of these characters and use them to bring out the best in ourselves.


Yes, like all mythical figures, these characters are iterations of underlying Archetypes. As in a sense are we all. Yet we hold a certain reverence for those who, flaws and all, manage to embody and express an archetype with a degree of clarity not achieved by most others.

The hidden secret is that it is the clarity itself which often gives rise to those destructive patterns and flaws that we hold in such disregard.

The darkest shadows are created by the brightest lights.

An underlying meaningful pattern in the world and in the deep mind that in itself embodies a powerful, defining, shaping influence. These are the patterns of myth. The lone hunter. The nurturing matron. The wise old woman/man. The conniving plotter.

Jung posits that these patterns literally make up the architecture and structure of our deep mind. They are the underlying prototypes that give rise to what we express and experience in the world around us. He dedicated much of his life to articulating and navigating that deep, usually unacknowledged, level.

Even if most of us do not swim as deep as Jung did. We still resonate with the patterns of archetype. We can sense the power in it and we respond to it. These very same archetypes shape our ambitions, our dreams, and our goals. They definitely run through the themes of the subliminal programs that we buy here and to which we are so devoted.

So, there’s that.


I’m noticing so much synchronization since listening to StarQ. The only other sub I noticed it with was Khan, but with Khan it was definitely not as strong. This (early) morning I was watching a youtube video which had 111 comments, while watching the video I saw that the time was 01:11am. Aside from that situation, it happens at least a couple of times a day but with other numbers at the clock. Just a few minutes ago I saw 21:21 again, which made me decide to share it here. It has been happening for 2 days now.

This definitely shows how strong StarQ is.


Lol I’m a fan of Bats too. Maybe Bruce should run StarkQ with the rest of us.


No lie @raphael I’ve been wanting to watch marvel movies ever since Stark came out lol.


I just started re-watching the Iron Man movies. Robert Downey Jr truly is an embodiment of Tony Stark.

Smooth af, clever, rich… dang.

Got so far I now listen to this YT mix on repeat while I work:


Agree 100%! I saw a lot on Khan, then this doubled on EQ and now on Stark I see even more numbers like 1212,1313,1515,1717,1818,1919,1111


12:12 just now…


What’s the significance of that?

As in, what does that mean to you and for your life’s path?

Not being cynical, I’m actually wondering. As I’ve experienced seeing these kinds of things too here and there, just not knowing what to do with it.


It’s said to be a sort of special message from the Universe, the angels, your subconscious that you are successfully moving into alignment with the larger patterns that surround us.

I’ve been noticing it too over the past 2-3 years or so.

There’s not one objective authority as to the precise meanings of the various numeric sequences; but there are a number of numerological traditions among the world’s cultures and contemporary writers seem to draw on one or another of those, together with their own intuitions.

This is the source I draw on:



14:44 here.


Doreen Virtue is a scam artist. She abandoned her own books, her belief in angels. And took a u turn to her calling towards Jesus Christ. She outright said that don’t follow her books, it will take u away from God.

Made fool of her followers. After scamming millions of dollars.

I’m not saying believing in God is wrong or believing in Angels is wrong. But believing in someone else’s belief is wrong.


Pythagoras has done the most throughout study on the mathematical understanding of numbers in the universe.

Each numbers has a significance. For example an 12:12 has the overlaying energies of 1 & 2 but the under-laying energies of 3:3 becoming 6. All numbers are connected with each other a way. If you pay attention to, overtime you’ll start to understand the meaning behind the numbers. What is important is when and where you see the sequence and what kind of numbers are being displayed.


Nobody really knows. It could be a time thing. Like your future self communicating in the only way possible. The closer you get to alignment with what you want the more the numbers pop up. Kind of like playing hot and cold with your subconscious. My theory at least. Higher self kind of ties into that I guess, if your higher self knows everything it needs some way to communicate.


Do you have any more details? Because from your description that just sounds like someone who changed.

If we don’t worship our teachers, we’re less disappointed when they turn out to be human.


I wonder what the ultimate sub stack is at this point in time? EmpQ and StarkQ?


My ultimate stack? Currently EmpQ.

Will switch to StarkQ when name embedding is available.

I’ve been running EmpQ alone now since the beginning of the test. I feel great, stuff happens the way I want it to go and my business is growing.

I also went through EoG with running only St1 to St4. Gave me a huge boost, my mindset is just great for growing my business.

Based on this, I will keep running only one sub at a time.


I think just one of those + quantum limitless would be the ultimate, im not doing that because I think thats probably to much content to take in daily being how big E and stark are. On a side note; how much content is each stage of QL?