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I was running StarkQ, ultimate artist, and empfit st4 but i decided to just do StarkQ 2 loops then 1 loop of EmpQ starting today on set and forget. I want to run other subs but i want to wait on everything to be updated to Q first. Once everything is updated to Q i am switching to AM, UA, and EmpFit st4 for a few months. Then probably switch back to StarkQ and UA


I tend to avoid superhero movies altogether, but I enjoyed the first Ironman movie. I think maybe I saw the sequel, too, but that was a long time ago and if I did see it I can’t recall anything about it.

I like the model of the wealthy creative genius who gets women. That is better for me, personally, than, say, a ruler/leader type. Honestly, I don’t want to run the show, I just want to do my own thing and enjoy the benefits of the show being well run by somebody who needs and feels a calling to do that.


I’m testing a new module, deemed “Blue Skies.” If ya’ll thought New Beginnings was rough, this one is really hitting deep.

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These are called synchronicities. I believe they occur when you start some kind of alchemical practice (like running subliminals) because the subconscious mind is starting to make connections that it hasn’t before, which leaks through to the conscious mind as “patterns.”


Both of those stack combos seam very long with both scripts combined, do you still feel tangible effects from both like that? I was thinking of combining two full titles but I’m wondering if its too much.

Id be interested to hear any new conclusions the makers have come to about the effects of longer script lengths as they have definitely made some drastic increases in the latest programs. Is it a myth that the more content their is the less effective the program is as a whole?


I think I got your point @MavericKobra. It’s just that this kind of thing happens pretty frequently in the area of occult, New Age, spirituality, etc. It can be quite similar to The Wizard of Oz. People inflate the importance or legitimacy of a teacher or author because of what those people need or wish to believe.

I can relate to feeling anger and disappointment at the ‘fakeness’ and ‘dishonesty‘ of this author, I’m just saying that the reality of the overall field is a little bit more complicated.

Personally, I think it’s probably a good idea to exercise skepticism and balanced judgment about anyone who sets him or herself up as a guru or a source of hidden truths.

At the same time, there is still wisdom to be gained from works of fiction or pseudoscience and there is inaccuracy and misinformation even in earnest teachings offered by honest teachers.

Unfortunately, the character and lineage and even the sincerity of intention of a teacher still do not guarantee that everything s/he is saying is right.

If you gain value from the ideas of a person who turned out to be insincere, consider that those disingenuous ideas might still have been an inspiration for your own genuine ones. Maybe that’s all they ever needed to be.

Heck, we literally have a thread here extolling the virtues of Tony Stark and Batman.

But I do not discount your sense of outrage at whoever Doreen Virtue has turned out to be.


Well sounds like a fun module to try… Will it be released as a sub all by itself or just released as a module on Q?

Will you be releasing the Updated/upgraded subs to Q all at one time or releasing them slowly as they are completed up to Q’s release?

@SaintSovereign What are your thoughts on stacking EmpQ and StarkQ? And if you did how would you run them, would you add any stack modules in there?

I am just full of questions tonight lol


When I asked Saint about combining EmpQ and StarkQ on a daily basis, these were his words:

3 loops of EmpQ, rest StarkQ.

So get 3 loops of EQ, then how many StarkQ loops you want.

For me I shoot between 3-5 of StarkQ. The problem with more than 5 is I get super restless to a point where I cannot be productive. I just need to build up to it I guess : )


Do you listen to the 3-5 loops at a time without any breaks? I experience the same thing with Alchemist Stage 1, but after taking a break (3-5 minutes), I find that I can listen to it again without feeling restless.


Can StarkQ enhance the results of non Q updated subs?


For all you folks talking about synchronicity :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course.


How is Quintessence different to previous scripting platforms / technologies?

Thank you.


I would also like to understand that lol


I am always super excited about new healing scripting. If you are really able to strip down all that nasty negative programming from the past, you will be 10x further in life. A lot of problems we have is not a result because we “lack” something but because of our society and traumatic events in the past.


Oh god how deep those that dig up?


I’m always excited when @SaintSovereign is testing a new module. Seems to bode good things to come.


I think, Q is the platform to compile the subs. The last scripting technology was quantumtech. If I’m correct.


I think he meant what is the difference between the 2


In the sales page of StarkQ, it says Quintessence is the most recent scripting technology.

So if Quantumtech was even official (I think we just called it that out of joy, before it became official, if I remember correctly), then Quintessence is the one after it.