Main Dev. Thread - StarkQ


We’re going to need a genealogical chart for SubClub technologies!


@SaintSovereign, are you going to be running StarkQ exclusively now?

And if your personalized StarkQ version the one that has “Blue Skies”? Or is a “lite” version of it in the StarkQ available to the public?

Thank you.


To add to Amash‘s question, are you running a name-embedded version?


He’ll probably come to confirm this himself but Saint uses exclusively name embedded subs iirc


Suggestion: Since there’s StarkQ, why not name all scripting technology after the way Tony’s suits are named?eg: Mk47

With a number in the name, we can always tell which subs have the latest scripting.


The advantage of having Fire as his best pal is that he’s always running name-embedded (and often customized) subs, I believe. Although if Q really can’t do it comfortably yet, he’ll be the first to get it name-embedded once the process works.

I have a theory that half the fun of being a subliminal producer is that you can come up with the craziest names for subs and the technology. The competitor-who-shall-not-be-named is very good at that, but I have to admit, Saint and Fire can get creative too. Go ahead, let your freak flag fly, come up with the most awesome name for a technology you can. Now building on the Holospheric Inverted Processing Engine (HIPE)™. Fun, isn’t it? :wink:

Do you really want to tell them they can no longer be inventive but have to call everything the same? Emperor Generation 5 or Emperor Mark V. Who is this Emperor Mark you ask? Wouldn’t you like to know…


One of Tony’s armor is the Hulkbuster, which is aka Mark 44. They can still be creative, but assigning a “serial number” to all the tech will minimize questions about which is most recent.


I think if you start doing that, people will start thinking that because it’s “older” means it doesn’t work (anymore). That could lead to people not getting what are essentially still great subs.

If all goes as expected, updating subs to the latest “level” will be easier with Q, so people never need to wonder, since they rarely have to wait long for their chosen sub to be updated.


Got another fun one just now as I finished the daily mini crossword.


Not sure what I’m going to be running, but I actually decided to take a break from Blue Skies for a bit. In it’s current incarnation, it’s a bit too difficult to run. I probably could’ve made it through, but it was killing my productivity too much.


How long do you think it would have taken you to make it through?


What modifications would you make in future incarnations? Making it less aggressive in its healing? Making it somehow smoother without reducing its effectiveness?


At this point, I don’t know. Need to dwell on it a bit, figure out how to proceed.


I’m still trying to convince Saint to make me the ultimate no-holds-barred not yo momma’s subliminal. No success as of yet. He loves torturing himself, but sacrificing a willing victim…

I guess he’s just too nice a guy. :slight_smile:


I would also like this.

New Beginnings? Pfft!
Blue Skies? Bah!

I’m waiting for Dark Night of the Soul.



This would be perfect for how I deal with things. I’m willing to have a rough time of it if in the end it really does deal with the problems once and for all.
Heck, I’d be ok if every sub I ran put me through Hell for a few weeks if the results I’m looking for manifested like gang busters after that.


One of the segments in 48 Laws of Power features Lustig.


I’ve had enough Dark Night-esque things that I’m okay with them being really spaced out over time. haha. They always presage important breakthroughs, but the despair while you’re in them…

Let’s just say I’m currently opting for the Dark Night installments program.


Yeah, I’ve been through two, each lasted a few months. They were devastating, and you’re right about the despair. But I survived them, and came to understand they were both necessary, and I gained immense inner strength from them. That’s why this kind of thing doesn’t scare me anymore. I’ve actually been considering a custom sub for this, but decided to wait and see what Q brings.