Main Dev. Thread - StarkQ


Shark Q seems to have a crime fighting or super hero vibe to it. More than just the name. I’ve had dreams about that since starting stark q


How much healing is present in StarkQ?


@SaintSovereign will the scripting adjust to my needs, if my goal isn’t to be a playboy but a Genius Social Billionaire ?


This would be a fitting name for the final and most powerful healing sub that SubClub ever makes


just remembered this


Going to be an essential part of BruceWayneQ?


@bujin, @king -

Dark Night of the Soul + Bruce Wayne Q = Dark Knight Multistage.


It’s up to you to guide the results. You can take it in act way you want. The sub just provides the tools.


Purchased StarkQ this morning. On my second loop while watching the Wire. @SaintSovereign Honestly this feels like the most powerful audio yet. I will start a journal either later today or tomorrow


StarkQ is powerful. It’s making me feel tired


I keep telling y’all:

You will break.


Sometimes I feel like you’re an artist who is claiming to be a doctor only to disguise his true identity


brb covering my right eye with my hand while in a leopard print suit now


I would love that title. Dark Knight. And the box art I’m imagining.

Like Stark, combining all kinds of stuff, but then in a multi-stage format, where every stage has a different purpose. A stage for healing, a stage for fitness and resilience, a stage for professional success and wealth and a stage for social success. So many ideas…

Or Dark Side Q…

Not after you ran Enhanced Interrogation QX for a while. You’ll beat anything, be totally convincing and be able to sell water to a fish. As a bonus, it contains all the self-torturing elements of Saint’s experimentals.

Title could use some work though.




“Any option is possible, and it is up to you and StarkQ to find what is your unique gift to the world, and make no mistake, StarkQ will help you find it.”

Does this mean that StarkQ will also play a role as a compass and also help to define the actions to take once the goal is set?


"Be prepared to redefine any and all stereotypes regarding women in the modern age"

What exactly do you mean by that?


Pretty self-explanatory. What do you need clarified?


@SaintSovereign - I must admit that I didn’t get that either. Does it mean we don’t objectify women? Or does it imply we will understand what female nature is?


That was in the women’s section of the copy, telling them that StarkQ will help them break stereotypes about women in the modern age, namely that you can’t be sexy, talented and smart. Read it in context:

“Women — you’ll become the full package: beauty, brains and brawn. Be prepared to redefine any and all stereotypes regarding women in the modern age. At the end of every conversation, every business meeting, every investment pitch, one thing will be clear… you’ll be absolutely unforgettable.”