Main Dev. Thread - StarkQ


People keep mentioning a dreaming feature here. I think that an important component of that is help in remembering dreams.


A (bad) habit destroyer


Single for now. Q lets us fit a lot more into a single stage, plus we want it to be as affordable as possible during this economic crisis.


So, no action figure collectibles?


Holy shit I’m hyped.

Emperor Q and Aegis have been awesome so far!


Just what is StarkQ? And how different or similar is it to EmperorQ? And will it be name-embedded?


I would think Stark is far more Action-man than either Emperor or Khan, and also more eccentric visionary genius than Khan or Emperor, too. More mercurial.

When I think of an Emperor or Khan I think of a figure who is skilled at rising to the top of and dominating traditional power structures.

Stark is not a ruler. He is an individualistic maverick. He may take power, but he does not seek it or desire to maintain a place within it. I think the dominating concept would be genius, rather than rulership, and action over maintenance of stability.

I could imagine a strong strategic and fighting/battle theme to Stark.

Also a strong playboy alpha element. He is not a PUA, he simply knows women want him.

I think this concept may suit me more than either of the other strongest alpha programs.


What are the goals of StarkQ? Is it QL Khan with PCC, full EoG, full Alchemist with Perfect Health, spartan extreme, and Khan ST1?


Ooh yes. It’s almost here. Would request the following modules:

  • Subliminal Booster
  • Limit Destroyer
  • Subconscious absorption of subliminals
  • Masculine Muscular Body
  • Masculine Face
  • Perfect Health
  • Perfect Eyesight
  • Perfect Hearing
  • Alpha Male Mindset
  • Seductive Aura
  • Performance Beast
  • Boosters for Testosterone, Pheromones, HGH, Androstenol, etc
  • Party Animal and Social Butterfly
  • Study Genius
  • Photographic Memory
  • Fast Learning
  • Focus
  • Implementing knowledge and Action taking
  • Creativity and Curiosity
  • Increase all the Quotients like IQ, EQ, SQ, KQ etc
  • Epic Author
  • Programmer Unleashed
  • Polyglot
  • Polymath
  • Penis Enlargement
  • Desired Height
  • Law of Attraction booster
  • Luck attraction
  • Money magnet
  • Power and Dominance
  • Charisma
  • Self Discipline
  • Sex God
  • Fearless Entrepreneur
  • Wit, Humor and Gift of the Gab
  • Social Media King
  • Desired Lifestyle
  • Digital Nomad
  • PUA Skills
  • Boundless Energy
  • High Sex Drive
  • Multiple Orgasms
  • Dry Orgasms
  • Semen Retention
  • NoPMO
  • Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction solutions
  • Youth and Anti ageing
  • Anti Balding and Hair Growth
  • Unlimited Energy


You might as well add the remaining three modules in the Q store too. :wink:


There should be a beyond StarkQ. :wink:


With beyond quantum limitless.


Stark, Quark & Beyond. It’s elementary, my dear khan.


Like @friday suggested, the playful charismatic guy, inspired by tony stark :wink: the attitude tony stark has defines him a lot and makes him stand out everywhere he goes!

Healing healing healing! I feel like no healing at all in a sub may slow down growth, if the beliefs aren’t deeply changed, then the subs might work slower!

I remember I read the prototype of stark and It was almost a “all in one” sub… Wanted to run a modified version of Khan as my next sub… Feel like this might get close to it!


Testosterone Booster would be great SaintSovereign.


Stop self sabotage in all forms
Success and luck

EDIT: Supreme resiliency. Or would the Legacy cover this.


As a student of Neville, the ability to truly believe what you desire has already taken place.


Here are my requests:

  1. Existing only in the present moment. Eckhart Tolle levels of presence. Highest levels of consciousness possible with the current technology

  2. Extreme gratitude. I mean extreme

  3. Removal of deep rooted fears, anxieties and insecurities.

  4. Aura stuff too, from alchemist, extremely sexual and carefree Aura. I hate the word vibe though.

  5. “Life is a party” style of attitude.

  6. Extreme enjoyment in everything I do, be it tying shoelace or creating a 10 figure business.

  7. Immense masculinity.

  8. Self mastery, being able to control my state as I can control my hand.

  9. Becoming a source of extreme fun, positivity, and inspiration for everyone around me, also for the whole world (I read it on COVID-19 sales page, the quantum level connection to everything)

  10. Removal of all body, mental, emotional and energetic blocks.

All the points above are almost the same thing, hope Fire will know what exactly that abstract thing is.
My gratitude and regards to all of you.

That was all mostly esoteric or meta stuff, a few business adds:

  1. Extreme frame control, meaning I give the meaning to every interaction I have, the rest of all follows.
  2. Win-win thinking in any situation. Uncanny ability to turn any interaction, beneficial to all the parties concerned.
  3. Thinking way out of the box. All the decisiveness, critical, creative, lateral thinking packed in one.
  4. More manifestations :slight_smile:


Extreme Resourcefulness.

The capacity to easily see resources, opportunities, and pathways in whatever elements are to hand around you. That MacGyver power.

A strong knowledge that the magickal ingredient that allows any goal to be met or any problem to be solved is internal, the creative, inventive, analytical processing power of your own mind. As such, you are never without options.


Vision reminder