Main Dev. Thread - StarkQ


@SaintSovereign - oh okay. My bad. That makes sense. The message was for women who use StarkQ.


@raphael or if you identify as a woman


Oh damn, you understand what you want to understand haha. I thought the first part was about men seducing women… :o Will we men also become beauty, brains and brawn then? And you are probably annoyed by the question by now, but how much sexual/seduction scripting is in StarkQ?


Lol the script is gender neutral right?


Uhh i purchased Stark Q this morning and have been verbally seducing and flirting with my wife all day long now lol. This is great.

Uhh beauty brains and C**K!?


Does anyone else get like shit sleep on starkq? Or it could be me running rebirth maybe


I have very deep and restful sleep but some very frightening dreams!


ahhh maybe it is rebirth then i will have to take that off. i only ask bnecause empq i had amazing sleep and woke up feeling amazing


I do its my third day today, feel a bit terrible today…


Are you listening to the subliminal overnight?
That could be a cause


I listened to empQ and empfit overnight and never had a problem. it is my only real time to listen to them right now


Yeah I get shit sleep on Starkq overnight but great sleep on Alchemist overnight


Dude I didn’t rebirth was so heavy and I thought running it at night was a good idea… about a week ago I had some unease in my stomach, then listened to rebirth and got into a fucking panic attack like state. Since then I avoid listening to it before/during sleep like a plague haha


I’m getting tested on a daily basis, from staff, family, strangers etc. But it seems to develop character, like an “unfuckablewith” emotional core.


I have been getting weird sleep but a lot of it could easily be attributed to taking for too many naps that are too long in length. However there are nights where I’ve been up all day and I still only sleep ~4 hours - this could easily be because I haven’t adjusted my schedule for more than a day. That said I’m, I think, more productive when I am awake than I was before (isolation boredom might have something to do with that)


That’s me. I had a few days of Starkq where I thought I had more energy but I was just sleep deprived. Cut out the night listening for that reason. But even just from the day it’s been rough. In my case I think it’s just dealing with a ton of stuff that’s coming up. StarkQ is relentless, 24/7 you’re digging in and just blowing out old frames of reality. It’s definitely not a walk in the park.


Glad that it’s not just me. I’m sure Stark is manifesting these challenges and they’re more opportunity than challenge.


Nope, listening only twice per day during work days and three time during weekends, Im also listening to SMx2.


I am always getting half a heart-attack when my music player switches from Stark ultrasonic to masked. :sweat_smile:

Have you looked into that?



Will there be an update of StarkQ masked with the new Q engine?
The volume seems to be louder than other Q titles.
Currently, I am using the ultrasonic version, but I would like to be able to listen to the masked version when needed.