Main Dev. Thread - StarkQ


how many loops daily have you guys been running, and with what effects?


Are they going to further upgrade stark?


Stark is brand new and is already using the Q build method. But as he stated above, Saint’s going to re-run Stark and Aegis in order to make the volume uniform. Not an ‘upgrade’ in the sense that you probably mean. But a revision nonetheless.


Did SC really put penis enlargement into StarkQ ? :rofl: cant wait to hear peoples results


We could enhance perceived results by stacking it with “Smaller hands” module :wink:


@blackadder, @renet1 - LOL


Raphael I am curious did your suggestions make it into StarkQ ?:grinning:


Stark numbers will go through the roof if so lol


@blackadder - :grin::grin::grin:I have no idea. Didn’t buy it yet


@blackadder - no wonder people were getting pissed off when running StarkQ. They were becoming “big dicks” lol


Yes, will be doing that for AI: COVID-19 and StarkQ today or tomorrow.


Will the change in volume have any effect on the performance of the sub?


No. Why would it? StarkQ was made with an earlier version of Q, where the volume was higher by default. This just levels it out with the other titles. If you feel so inclined, however, make sure you keep this version.


Thanks been having some great benefit from the sub…:slight_smile:


Hey Saint,

Thanks and I hope you guys got some wel earned rest after all this hard work. I really appreciate the extra effort to answer our questions here on the forum. If you don’t get to answering this post then I understand.

I have some problems that other folks might also experience. You see I am forced to play masked on my portable player with ipod docking, the ultrasonic file on max volume only reaches -70db. While on masked the sounds are very loud when turned up to max. However masked isn’t always that practical for me.

At first I tried ordering similar portable players with ipod docking (they are rare.). I suspected that my old portable player was the problem, but unfortunately they had the same effect. What can I do so I can use ultrasonic? Is there something you can do with the ultrasonic files?


I’m confused at the question. When you play your ultrasonic from your iPod dock, it only reaches -70db? What kind of iPod is this? On my iPhone 11, the ultrasonic gets loud enough to fill the room, but then again, that’s a new device. What else have you tested it on?


I also use my iPhone 11 to play ultrasonics. How loud do you play the ultrasonics when you are sitting nearby and how loud to fill a room? I currently have the volume bar at around the halfway point when sitting nearby. I’m afraid that at a higher volume I will damage my speakers.


About 65% for a small room. 75% for larger rooms. I don’t keep the phone beside me either, it’s usually on a table or desk. To be clear, I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Not sure if the speakers on that one are different.


Does StarkQ have some way of helping/guiding you to figure out what you want to do in your life like EoG stage 2 and ascension do?


Yes, this is pretty standard in newer subs.