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Are these mutually exclusive?


Thanks for clarifying that. I was a bit lost


Adding on to your question:

Can the Type A’s have a sexual vibe of their own?


Both A and B are alpha men, and both are seen as sexually desirable.
The texture of the experience is different, and hence is the immediately desired action.

[Edit: If you think Ryan Gosling is a pussy, replace the A image with Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney, Brad Pitt or Hugh Jackman - in a suit, and an inviting smile - Not topless. :wink: ]

How do I explain this? … :thinking:

Let’s reverse the genders. :bulb:

It’s like the difference in a Man’s experience between a Hot girl (B) and a Cute girl (A).

BOTH are sexually desirable. Yet with the Hottie, small talk is just a bridge to the real goal, while you actually want to chat up the Cutie and it doesn’t even feel like work or waiting.

Are these mutually exclusive?
Not if she’s at the level of Scarlett Johansson. :blush:
But its certainly not as common as the A & B types.

They need not be … but, why complicate results! :smile:

With subs, we just let the Mind choose, we play along, and we enjoy the benefits.

Just some disordered thoughts. :+1:t2:


Tom Hardy could be a good male example of switching between A and B throughout his movies. I think the big determining factor is how buff he is for the role though.

I guess if you use something like Emperor + Stark, the one that feels more natural to you would be the dominating trait?


What’s StarkQ Terminus?


There’s a detailed post about it here: PLEASE READ: StarkQ: Terminus Experimental Now Available

Basically a new more powerful stark.


Thank you :+1:


Russell Brand is another example of a charming dandy who’s a little bit sexually aggressive. He’s no pushover either.


This is really interesting. If you asked me a year ago which type I’d be shooting for it’d be B. But since running starkQ I’ve felt closer to A. That’s probably a big duh given how the subs work, but idk. Maybe this is why I had such a hard time on AM, I just wasn’t fully aligned with it.


I think most of us “betas” who wanted better results in life were told being a weight-lifting, ass-kicking, womanising alpha was the way (as it was sold by PUAs).

Then we realised we could get the same results by being just a little more self-confident and charming. It happens. Lesson learnt.

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@Michel True confidence comes down to accepting who you are flaws and all. Does that mean just be yourself? Not necessarily but it does mean stop trying to be something you’re not.


Oh yeah he’s a perfect example of being multiple polarities at the same time. One moment he’s hilariously hyperactive, the next he’s like a chill monk on his youtube channel.


Flaws? That doesn’t exist. :slight_smile:


So if someone ran StarkQ and Khan st4 would they be in the middle or both lol


@SaintSovereign, is Spartan in StarkQ? I had not seen reference to it until today. Though I’m not big into working out, the idea of mental endurance is appealing to me.


Were all capable of being our best version of ourself so long as we can put our negative self talk to the side and move forward.


IDK if it is exactly spartan, but I feel that there is for sure something in there for working out. I’m even suspecting that there are auto workout affirmations in it. I would probably go crazy if I wasn’t exercising during this lockdown too.


Did SC add a script for physical beauty in StarkQ ?. I remember Raphael put in a whole load of requests, whether they made it into the final product I do not know.


And strangely enough, I’ve been having imaginings of eating better food. I have both good and bad in my kitchen, and I’ve chosen the latter mostly in weeks past. I feel like I’m drawn to better food this last week since using Stark.