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That’s interesting because for me it is a bit the opposite lol. I’m trying to gain weight though and I heard that these subs mold to your needs. It doesn’t necessarily give me sugar cravings and I generally eat healthy, but my metabolism can go crazy and if after finishing supper and am still hungry, I eat some dessert to fill up quicker. I’m ectomorphic so putting on any kind of weight is a slow process.


Lucky you, I’m an endo-meso myself. I can build muscle on fast food, but I still have to watch the calories.

Right now I’m using the opportunity of not having to go anywhere to simply not eat anything at all. Give my body some time to self-repair while losing the excess weight I gained over a very turbulent last year. Haven’t eaten in weeks and my primal instincts are triggering. Even pictures of food tempt me to lick the screen.

I do recognize the feeling of better foods becoming appealing though. I had that on Khan as well. I was of course quite stubborn, but over time my eating habits kept changing for the better. Maybe I should try Stark once things return back to normal. Or restart Khan now it’s been Q-ified.


Oh yeah, I know that feeling very well haha.

I’d also recommend intermittent fasting, it’s become a way of life for me and I think it has also been a big contribution to allow me to eat like this without much consequences. I believe the biggest benefit is it’s great for increasing insulin sensitivity, which means more glucose get used on your muscles instead of stored in fat cells.


interesting, what kind of interment fasting do you use?


I just try to stay in an 8 hour eating period and fast the other 16 hours. This isn’t needed but I prefer to workout before breaking the fast and just have a protein shake and maybe a banana if I’m more focusing on gaining.

Finally, after working out I eat a big meal, like 2 in one. It is really easy (and extra tasty) to eat that much at that point.

You can adjust this for your needs too, like you could have your first meal at 8:00 AM or at 1:00 PM. Whatever works best for your schedule.


StarkQ brings a lot of old memories to the surface. Can you please elaborate what general topic is addressed with New Beginnings / the healing module in Stark? Everything that stands in your way to becoming a billionaire playboy?


There is no “general topic.” It helps you deal with whatever internal issues you have that prevents you from achieving StarkQ’s goals. It’s also more than just “healing.” A lot of times, when these memories resurface, they’re not being purged or “healed,” in the sense that many may think. They’re often arising because subconsciously, you need to revisit them to view them through your current mental filter / lenses. Most of us become wiser as we get older and things we didn’t understand then, we understand now.


So interesting, this is exactly what I’ve been experiencing the past couple weeks. It can be uncomfortable sometimes but I’m at least targeting those memories now with the intention of bringing a new perspective and healing. While before I was just avoiding them or obsessing about them. I also find while it is putting me though that, it also gives me a “pat on the back” when I need it, so StarkQ has been a great balance.


I’ve also experienced random old memories popping up while listening to StarkQ.

Some have been pleasant. Some I’m embarrassed I ever behaved that way. Some were painful at the time.

I don’t know why they popped up and I haven’t consciously done anything with them, but I do believe they materialized for a positive purpose.


Same here. I get the embarrassing memories popping up randomly from time to time.


Does StarkQ or any other subclub subliminals contain some kind of posture improvement thing?


@Acer all the main products have some kind of posture improvement body language scripting.


So is there an element of modeling in Stark, so that the listener can research and study the character of Tony Stark and see what he does in the future so that the possibilities of Stark shifts as the character itself evolves?


I do believe it was mentioned there was some form of modeling present in the majority of subs. Although I doubt it will identify specifically with Tony Stark. That would be too limiting. Instead, it will identify with the archetype/character that he represents. If you and your subconscious insist that it should be Tony Stark, then it is Tony Stark. If they have someone similar/better in mind, that it will be that person.


I had no clue who Tony Stark was when first hearing hints of this sub. I know who he is now but haven’t watched any of it.

Stark T is still working fantastically for me.


I ran one loop of StarkQ Terminus this morning. I just purchased Mind’s Eye Q and I’m about to run that for one loop as well.


Does StarkQ have sime kind of “Spidey” sense built into it ?. Its like i seem to get a gut feeling when something is not right. Perhaps it has the PCC lite edition.


It should have the full scripting of PCC from what I remember


I am inevitable…

And I, am… Iron Man


That’s all folks.


Saint specifically mentioned this further up:

This sentence:

It does NOT “have PCC in it”. But it will help you spot manipulation tactics, rewritten and within the scope of StarkQ.

PCC is available on its own if you want the full experience.