Main Dev. Thread - StarkQ


Damn I didn’t or hadn’t thought of running PCCQ with StarkQ. I may wait on that since StarkQ is making me incredibly intolerant of so many things . Any " Nice Guy " traits or characteristics I may have had are rapidly being removed. I had no problem telling someone no earlier today that before StarkQ would have put me in more than an anxious panic


Great explanation, has anyone tried or what happens if combining both like Primal + DD?


You know there’s a certain type of person for whom that entire post registers as a softball pitch, right?

Thank the gods I’m too busy I was definitely thinking something like ‘obviously a babbling, struck deer’ or something like that.

okay. i now return you to people with substantive responses to offer.


Stark Q, has some very impressive scripting towards physical and bodily changes. One of which is facial morphing, especially around the cheeks & jawline, nose, eyes, etc. Sometimes you don’t see yourself changing, but overtime the changes start to become so prominent that it gets undeniable.

Ever since I started Stark Q, my body-weight has been shifting and changing until at around 2 weeks ago it has started to stabilize at one very distinct weight. It’s not like Emperor where I was literally putting on muscles like Dwayne Johnson out of nowhere. For Stark it is more like an adaptation towards your optimal body weight.


Didnt realize the facial morphing had made it into stark q.

I am still using starkq and its only been 12 days so I look foreward to see the physical changes.


Keep at it, the most prominent changes are in the long run. By far Stark Q has been my favorite subliminal, now every week has been different and only after the second month I felt all of the scripting come together. Yet I still don’t think that I’ve reached the subliminal’s full potential. Growth and evolution in the Universe always works in sets of 3’s, I’m eager to see how I’ll feel on the third month.


So, with Stark containing a variant of Primal Seduction Iron Throne within it, it would follow that it contains a version of Sex Mastery X, right?



Stark + PCC is such a killer combo. I have to force myself to take rest days.

@Hermit Whoa! Hadn’t even occurred to me. After a month of Stark TERMINUS, I noticed myself looking in the mirror and finding myself more attractive. Just now noticed my jaw line looks more pronounced.


exactly how much more loops is terminus equal to, if q is worth six?


4-6. Terminus ^ 2 is… quite dense.


lets say q=5 loops.
t is 5x2=10 loops or 8-12?

or t=5 to the power of 2, which equals 25 loops?


Could you kindly reveal your listening routine for StarkQ, please?


I do not have a strict Listening Routine, I rely solely on my Gut Feeling and Intuition.

When Stark was released I had heaps of energy so I could handle more then I can do now, I listened to Stark Terminus and Stark Q predominantly, without any side effects. I’m currently going through a subliminal flush because the Solstice Energies hit me ridiculously hard and sparing that additional energy has been very helpful for what I’m doing.

So I guess if you want any insights on your listening pattern, just feel it out, this is the best way. A strict listening pattern won’t get you anymore, it would probably work one week and then another week something devastating will happen and you won’t be able to keep up with your listening pattern.

The more energy you have at your dispense the more you can process & execute. The more action you take and the more your life is in alignment with the subliminal the less reconciliation you’ll experience. That’s all there is to it. Subliminal’s are a way to symbolically communicate with the unconscious and the unconscious is your connection to the Divine which will manifests your desires. Yet an exchange of energy has to occur for it to happen. And then there’s also the congruence between the conscious and unconscious mind, if there’s not alignment then the minds will reconcile and you’ll experience reconciliation.

I hope this is a helpful guidebook for you to acquire a balanced listening pattern. There’s only a few points to keep into account;

  1. Amount of Fuel in terms of Energy (relate to your physical, emotional and mental energy).
  2. The amount of action and congruence between you and the subliminal Archetype.


And one to improve our inmune system?


@SaintSovereign @Fire

Is it safe to assume that StarkQ Major Program has similar scripting / parts/ Lite Version of the following Modlies ?

  1. Alpha Body Language
  2. Alpha of Alpha
  3. Charisma & Flirting Automatic
  4. Leader of Men
  5. Dominion
  6. Power Awareness
  7. Invincible Presence
  8. Power Unleashed
  9. Rogue
  10. Total Nonchalance

And Will it diminish effectiveness, If I stack my custom with my standard Major Programs?


Probably has the Manipulus module in it.


So a single Terminus Loop is worth 8-12 loops of a pre-Q program?


Don’t get stuck on the equations, just know that Terminus is more effective and just like with Q Standard, start with one loop and feel it out from there.


What @DarkPhilosopher said. I in the past would often run a single loop a day of StarkQ Terminus


Once this run is over with I’m interested in seeing what Terminus and T^2 can do.