Main Dev. Thread - StarkQ


For you guys running stark how would you describe your productivity and focus since running it ?


Great, I was often doing the stuff NOW which will bring me the best success in the future. Instead of doing my papers on the last day before the deadline, I was doing it weeks prior. Little to no procrastination on StarkQ. (Terminus, on the other hand, made me watch YT videos all day or do nothing at all because it gave me such big reconciliation).

However, I would NOT advise running StarkQ when you are doing very boring monotone work where you cannot be creative. I was running it for 3 months, and now looking back it always gave me slight reconciliation because of that.



While StarkQ doesn’t push you that much to go out and interact (sometimes though) like for example Khan, I did find the social effects VERY noticeable. You are just fun, charismatic in the moment, confident, a good storyteller yeah damn I fucking love the social aspect of Stark. Sadly, I did not have many opportunities to test it out because of the lockdown, so most of my experienced interactions have been on Stark Ultima and not StarkQ.

Have you exposed yourself to social events @JCast?


What’s stark Ultima ? in about a week I’ll report on the productivity and focus of stark. I’m also using AM but I know the level of productivity I have been on with AM so I’ll know the differences now if things change in any way


Stage 2 of the Ultima test was StarkQ with Ultima scripting.

You can read more of my endeavors here: Ultima - New Beginnings

I will definitely be the first one to update my custom to Ultima when it comes out end of the year/ next year

Excited to see what you do with the sub :wink:


Haha, Ultima custom? Where did you get the idea that that’s happening :stuck_out_tongue:


Saint Sovereign posted that a few days ago. But not before end of year/next year.

And who knows what happens until then


Ultima customs can happen now if you really want it. Just gotta pay the handmade custom price of $750+ depending on the build. Not to mention, we’re not sure how Ultima fares with longer titles. The StarkU trial gave mixed results. Some people (including @friday, I think) got good results. Others felt nothing at all. Everyone did good with the native Ultima title, and this Stage 3 is absolutely insane (at least for me).


I wonder how emperor or ascension would work on ultima.


if you make a ultima custom you only can have like 5 mods with it?


Lol, maybe I just weird


Nah you just had previous experience on Stark in combination with many other factors.


that patent is interesting, mostly to see that they are interested in stuff like that, but it doesent seem like its coming from a very experienced or actualized view since we know their is more to the soul than the physical brain. I thought it was interesting what you were saying about the light body, and cultivating or developing it to leave the physical body easier?

Sorry this was meant for the Q main development thread


Well no, they’re quiet accurate in there explanation. The physical observation of the soul in our brain is the electricity, when some does Astral Projection the electricity is dramatically decreased in the brain, hence why your consciousness is somewhere else.

Of course there’s more to the soul then that, but the soul can be observed from all of it’s aspects and that include the physical. All of the planes are interwoven and connected.


Interesting topics.


its soo nuanced when you get into this stuff that it seems to make more sense just to feel it out than to try and understand it all. i thought the observer effect was weird haha, but its just another layer of nuance.



Does StarkQ core have seduction scripting in it?

I’m thinking of making a custom to stack with libertine ultima. I want it to have at least one seduction core and the other core will be alchemist st 4.

Thinking about either Khan st4, Starkq or emperor Q.

I’m thinking stark for now.


I’m planning to do the same. Build a custom based on Stark (The House, Limitless and Power Can Corrupt) and stack Libertine with it. I want to add Sphaera Magnetica to it, so there would be some sexual edge in it.


From the Stark sales page description:

StarkQ is a subliminal like no other. We upgraded elements of Limitless, Emperor, Daredevil, Primal Seduction: Iron Throne, etc. and created 75+ of pages of exclusive scripting, tailoring those scripts to meet the specific goal of turning you into a billionaire, genius playboy (or girl — yes, it can be used by everyone).

It’s in there. Will it be enough for what you’re building? I don’t know. Better wait for Saint.


Yes, but it’s not a huge focus. We just wanted to make sure that once you’re famous, you can attract the person of your dreams. :wink: