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Now it makes sense. Often it has been confusing what the difference between the titles are.

Suggestion: something like a table showing the strength of focus on various areas for subs:

Wealth: 2/5
Seduction: 5/5
Social Dominance: 5/5
Productivity: 3/5

not real numbers, but I hope you get the idea. Same for every subliminal in a certain category. Would be pretty good I think to differentiate them and give clear indication of what to go for.


@SaintSovereign is it ridiculous of me to request official ratings like these for other titles? :see_no_evil:


I’m with you. We can take it a step further as well and have ratings given by the producers and also ‘subjective’ ratings of the users, so anyone who used it can go ahead and assign scores to it in either area… maybe only those who have used it for 6 months though.


Yepp yepp yepp I love it


One thing that is important about the Stark concept is that one has a specific model one can visualize. Khan and Emperor do not give specific models to visualize.


I think the stats would fluctuate with certain subs depending on how they
were ‘steered’/ Some use Khan for wealth, business, sales predominantly
while others pure seduction But a baseline/ baseline spectrum would be really cool.
Add intelligence, creativity, social fluidity etc. perhaps


Khan for business? I see using Khan for sales, I did it last year and it was amazing. And I can get why Khan would have the business appeal because it gives you lots of drive, but wouldn’t medici be better for that?


You guys are compartmentalizing too much… It just gets in the way of your subconscious mind.

The sales pages and the journals are enough, just allow your subconscious to do


dude, what the heck are you talking about.
were discussing the nuances of something for fun and mastery
not cause we are at a loss for something.
Have you read the journals of the above people?


You discuss things because you like to be anal about it. But hey … take the advise or do not. Peace


don’t take it personally,
your contribution is not unwelcome.
There is value in what your saying.
There is also value to new and current sub-users in what were discussing.
I personally don’t value negating others conversations. But agree to disagree.

Whatever you perceive as happening in the convo, you in reality how have no idea of the spirit in which each of us individually is engaging the conversation or the relation of how that effects our relationship to our individual, respective subconsciousness, and some humility around this in your communication would have whatever insights/ wisdom you have be more palatable. Take the advice or leave it :slight_smile:
best to you


I’d say it’s not either or …-different goals both can be effective for business.

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Jun '19


The salespage makes Khan sound like mostly a Socio-Sexual Dominance sub, and less of a Wealth one.
Is that a limitation on the sales copy, or is the script also more loaded towards dating & social game?

Khan IS leaning towards dominance and sexuality more, but make no mistake - dominance, ambition, drive are all parts that are crucial to anyone who desires to build their wealth. This combined with the parts of Mogul and Emperor that are in it, create a serious tool for any entrepreneur, especially if you decide to use Khan solely for wealth.

Conscious guidance will always play a part in how our subliminals work - so if you decided to pursue wealth with Khan instead of Emperor, it will definitely work, but in a different way than Emperor"

From my experience
Medici is amazing for relationships,
it turns dead ends internally, inside of where I work, and in every situation
I am in into opportunity to foster business relationships and short to long term financial gain.
Its also turned my FWB into totally trusting, loyal, and devotee girlfriend wannabees lol :joy:


Fair enough - best to you too


closest Khan representation model is Captain of mothership. 5000 crew members waiting for commands, heavy artillery, and domination over everything in 50 miles radius :wink: plus very sexy captains uniform.:joy:


I’ve been testing StarkQ T for almost one month and finally realized it was too much for me and I got back to the Q version. I was stonewalling or something like that since I saw little to no results and I felt relaxed, soft and way too calm. I did 4 loops of the Q last night and I feel energetic. Gonna see how it goes. Before I had tried StarkQ for one week (1 loop/day) and it was great.


Did you experience vivid dreams?


Not much but yes. But in general I felt passive and I didn’t give a #$#$. On the Q version I’m active, more motivated and my mind is sharper. Maybe I was overloaded (3 loops every other night) but even in the beginning (1 loop/day for 5 days) I saw little to no results and I felt passive. I think it’s better to go with what works for me and wait till I’m ready, besides probably they’ll optimize Terminus in the future too. I’ve more than five years of experience in listening to subs and I thought I was ready/strong enough for Terminus but my test showed that’s not the case. On the Q version I was listening to for one week only I saw changes/good results and I made a mistake trying to get more of it on Terminus.


„This is most certainly reconciliation – textbook reconciliation at that. The intense dreams and tiredness means you’re processing the subliminal. The desire to change / “getting no results” is reconciliation. Terminus is very powerful, and I suspected most people wouldn’t get the results they wanted. When I said one loop a day was enough, it wasn’t marketing spiel. It’s about four times as strong as standard Q titles. I’d switch back to regular Q for awhile, then graduate back to Terminus when you’ve got more exposure.“

From SaintSovereign when I had the exact same experience


How about enlacing Q with Terminus. Say 2 days Q, 1 day T, 2 days Q, 1 day T and two days off.


There are some journals which show this experimental switching. No official word on it, though.