Main Dev. Thread - StarkQ


Wow, wow! So fast and so many interesting features!

Okey, since most people already mentioned the most interesting things, I would like to add my few coins.

Tony Stark is creative genius, wealthy playboy, right? So all 3 areas must be upgraded. Creative genius - super learning, idea synthesis, in other words, latest advancements of Quantum Limitless should be included, FASTER manifestations of those things.

Okey, wealth area. The EOG description looks very attractive to me. Why not to add something similar? And faster manifestations as well.

Playboy. Tony is not just a handsome man but charismatic, energetic, corky and funny but, almost certainly, an alpha. Exterior enhancements for guys who doesn’t know to look attractive. Attractive aura is a must have. Next level of Daredevil, in one word.

And one more thing… Tony had some issues with his father, right? Why not to add some ultra-advanced healing & clearing modules?

Release the past, forgiveness, let it go, systemic & family & past lives burden removal (because the “savior-role” is almost 100% a symptom of unresolved systemic burdens, JUST BELIEVE ME :slight_smile:), “everything is possible for me in all areas of my life”.

Or, at least, direct the psyche the way that past restrictions does not exist at all (and psyche is agree with it without self-sabotage).

EmperorQa introduced some kind of Sanguine V2, I think that it can be upgraded to V3 at least.

And… Tony is a technical genius, right? So his conscious state, almost certainly, cannot be less than 400 points (Reason) by David R. Hawkings. High Performance State - energetic yet calm.

That’s it.


Great suggestions, so far.

  • Scripting for keeping yourself fit, healthy, possibly some kind of bodybuilding element.
  • Value creation - utilizing your own genius/abilities to create something useful for the world ( doesnt have to be an Iron man suit :smiley: … simply something useful that brings in customers and also money into your pocket )

EDIT: Also some kind of Patience programming, which makes you realize, that things take time and effort.


I will sum up all the requests, combine all the subliminals that you have made plus that you will make and add everything that you can think of. Simple. Sorted. Anything else. Done.


Saint, I think I can sum it up for you.

As the Buddhist monk said to the hotdog vendor: make us one with everything.


I’m just wondering how this is different from Emperor?


That is really important in every social interaction!


Somewhat ironic, given the literal meaning of the word ‘stark’.

On a related note, for those unfamiliar with comic books, this may be the least descriptive program title in the Sub Club library.


This was the album image I used back in September, for a G4+K4 playlist.

I’d like the Philanthropist script to be as strong as the other three.


another Simonian gem.

presented quietly for those who’ll take note.

What an excellent idea.


I am still not sure if I understand what StarkQ is, or rather, what differentiates it from Emperor and Khan


@ExploringAstronaut - my guess is that it will either be an Ultimate Subliminal taking everything from SubClub and adding more features to make the Everything Sub. Or it will be having modules where you choose what you want and it will be personalised to your specifications. A custom subliminal if you will.



self love


I’m thinking it will be released on Saturday, but you said it’ll be sooner than I think … So how about Friday? :wink: :wink:


No way if they still ask for last requests.

I guess Tuesday


Is deep trance identification used within the subliminal to model Tony Stark?

Is that possible within a subliminal?

I recall at some point deep trance identification being discussed with the idea that it might be incorporated into the subs.


It doesn’t work like that and when Q goes live, we’ll have to stop people from attempting to do something like this.


one sub to rule them all,
one site to find it,
one club to bring them all
and in enlightenment bind them.
– J.R.R. Fire



@SaintSovereign will STARK be available for purchase upon release or simply testing?


I remember this thread, but I thought it was more some sort of fanfiction