We heard your feedback. Our first Subliminal Mindset Supercharger is going to be LIBERTINE, designed to complement Primal, Sex & Seduction, Sex Mastery X and the romance elements of Emperor. JOURNEYS and BEYOND ALL LIMITS will follow after.

Pre-Orders for Libertine starts tomorrow, releasing one week after PRIMAL.



Apologises if i have missed a post on this. How exactly does this complement SS and Primal ?

Please ignore my question. I just read the thread. Moderators please delete my post :slight_smile:.

When your reading posts on a smart phone you end up missing other posts.


Saint, are there any prescription/instructions how to use superchargers?


Yes, yes, YES!

@SaintSovereign I know you’re the one working on this. And I know you will make it a masterpiece, the best of the best!

It seems Subliminal Club is going to make a lot of women happy in 2019, but turning many men into the real deal, into seducers, strong men, and sexually unchained human beings!


So how much will these sell for?


As of right now, to get the best effects, you’ll need to listen to one to two cycles, preferably at the start of the day.

You’ll most likely need headphones or earbuds. You’ll also need a darkened space where you can lie down, relax and visualize for the course of the track — roughly 15 minutes or so.


$19.99 standalone. $9.99 when purchased with a subliminal. Most likely I’m most likely going to give a very special introductory price of $9.99 for everyone to get feedback and improve the product.


Great. I am happy about this introductory price, you guys are the best.

Can we do it a cycle when we wake up and a cycle before sleeping? So once every 12 hours or so?

To me, that seems more logical because you are reinforcing the track more often. In learning, it is spaced repetition that makes things stick rather than intensity of one specific time.

However, you’ve created this. You know what is inside it. So you know which way is better.


I will be buying the first of these to check out as I have already made a practice of regularly playing a hypnosis track through my light and sound machine most evenings.

I like that the tracks are around 15 minutes. That seems perfect to fit in even when one is busy.

I may alternate these with other tracks I like, like those from Hypnotic Awakenings, but if I really like these that may become my go to hypnosis tracks.


The superchargers are attempting to affect your ACTIVE state, rather than passive – that’s why it’s best to listen early in the morning. You’ll feel the effects throughout the day, which will reinforce the new positive beliefs.

You’ll still get benefit from running it at night, though.


@SaintSovereign Could you, if it’s not too much trouble, provide a simple change that can make a big difference?

So you can provide us with the 15 minutes MP3, and a 30 minutes MP3 where the track is repeated twice.

This way, we can choose the one we want to listen to without interrupting listening to play again or need a “sophisticated” mp3 player to create playlists with the files twice.

Sometimes, all we do have is a simple music player that does the job, so choosing the 15 minutes or 30 minutes file (where the 15 minutes file is repeated twice) is much simpler and more convenient to do. Plus, this will encourage more people to “commit” to the 30 minutes when they have time, rather than get into the habit of using only 15 minute sessions.

Also, could we have FLAC of this? It seems that since this one has 10 different mental alchemy techniques, including some special musical things, then having a lossless file is important.

Thank you Saint,

Btw, there is a book about you. It’s called Manwhore :smiley:

The sexy Alpha man main character who gets all the women in Chicago is called Malcolm Saint.


It’s looking like the track is going to be right at 10 minutes. Not sure about the versions with multiple loops. Most mp3 players – including your phone, can handle playlists.

Yes, I’ll look into encoding into FLAC.

Hahahahah :wink:


Just finished the “first draft” of the music backing track, sending to the testers for feedback.


Finished “second draft” of the music backing track and “first draft” of the vocal track. @Fire has finished the “first draft” of the ultrasonic subliminal aspect, as well as the other “background” things that will supercharge results.

Early testing is going great. We’ve both experienced an insane increase in sexual energy to the point where @Fire brought up the fact that we’ll have to tell users to refrain from masturbating for at least an hour or two afterward.


Awesome! Btw, is it still going to be 10 minutes? That is a perfect time, of course.

Also, should we aim to use it 3 times, to get 30 minutes whenever we can?


Give or take a minute. Right now, it’s at 9 minutes, but we may have to make it a minute longer to fit some of the other stuff in. And yes, try to use it 2-3 times.


And @SaintSovereign since this means Libertine will be released on the 22nd or so, shouldn’t you put up the sales page for it?

I am looking forward to know more in detail what results you aim to achieve with it, its goals.


This is exactly what I was hoping for. I also think it would be great to use just before a girl comes over to have sex. Then that insane sexual energy is put to use properly :smiling_imp:


If one is consistent in listening every day is one listen enough per day?


From what we’re seeing, one will be enough for some pretty powerful effects, but optimally we recommend 2 or 3. Also, refraining from masturbation for an hour or two afterwards will be important, as @SaintSovereign mentioned.

As for development… we have developed some intense new technology specifically for Libertine.

You guys will have a hell of a time (in a good way). :wink: