@SaintSovereign The Libertine preorder page says it comes with bonuses. What would is the bonus to Libertine? Libertine XXX? :wink:


So if I’m right, these superchargers are useful for boosting certain subliminals on specific days and you can also use them everyday? For example using Libertine if I’m going out for a date one day and using Beyond Limitless for study days.


The purpose of the superchargers is to alter your active state, which in turn, reinforces your passive state (subconscious thoughts). We’re basically attacking the subconscious from both ends – through the unconscious mind and through the conscious mind.


So is the first supercharger dropping Saturday?

These superchargers are an interesting product. They give the biggest clue as to the nuts and bolts of the programming in the subliminals themselves and are essentially the first place where the work is not “hidden”.

I also like the idea of opening multiple avenues for influencing the subconscious towards the ultimate purpose.


Yes, I’m hard at work on it. It’s quite a challenge because it’s much more of an undertaking than most people realize. For example, the “conscious” verbal track was written by a consultant and had to go through multiple iterations until we were happy with the product.

The music track was produced, by hand, by yours truly in Logic Pro X. The silent subliminal (yes, there’s an ultrasonic subliminal track too) was made by @Fire.

It’s truly a multi person effort with tons of moving parts.


I am ready to start playing this through my light and sound machine on a daily basis.


This sounds really innovative. I salute you @SaintSovereign and @Fire

About the silent subliminal inside the Libertine supercharger, does it have different messaging than Primal, SS etc, or does it reinforce what is already in them? I am curious about this.


It’s a different script with a much different build type that still reinforces the Sex Track subliminals. Since headphones are required / HIGHLY recommended for these, it allowed us to do more things with the actual build. That being said, the product has evolved and is coming out much more cohesive than I had imagined. Libertine is becoming a good standalone title in it’s own right.


Bad news and good news.

Bad news: I was going to surprise drop Libertine today, even though pre-orders end tomorrow, but there’s a strong chance that won’t happen.

Good news: We hired a new voice actress, one we believe fits the product better. @Fire wasn’t satisfied with the voice we were using, and I agreed with him. We want to set the bar high for this one. It’s still slated to come out tomorrow or Monday (we usually release one day after the pre-orders end), barring any issues.


Take your time, @SaintSovereign. Voice is such an important component of the SuperChargers, it is worth getting perfect.

After all, if the product is great, people will forget any delays. But if you release it on time and people don’t feel the voice is commensurate with your reputation for high quality products, that will stay on their minds.

Then, the bad news is not bad news. It means we’re getting an even better product worthy of what @SaintSovereign and @Fire can make. Not some random low-quality company that releases whatever just to get a product out.


Am hoping to play Libertine through a light and sound machine for a relative of mine on Christmas Eve in order to turn him on to the possibilities of hypnosis, subliminals and tech for personal development.


Libertine will come with two versions:

Version A contains NSFW sounds and is made to be used with headphones due to the build of the subliminal tracks. This version is also the strongest.

Version B does not have the NSFW sounds, but the audio track is still not suitable to play round sensitive ears. The subliminal track on this version does not have the special build.

Pre-Order bonus is the ultrasonic track as a stack module. The ultrasonic track is designed to boost the results of any sexual subliminal.

Libertine questions

Is the pre-order over or do we have till tonight?


Thank you for so many Xmas gifts :slight_smile:
Are Primal and SSv2.1 considered sexual subliminals? Or only Sexual Mastery X?


You still have time. Official release date is tomorrow, but if I finish tonight, I’ll drop tonight.


Update on the Supercharger…

This is sounding absolutely amazing.

We are so excited to release it soon. Can’t wait for you guys to hear it.


That news in exciting! Looking forward to start using it right away


Just want to second this. The voice actress did a phenomenal job. I’ll be working the rest of the night to ensure it’s finished by the morning. I cannot WAIT for everyone to get their hands on this.


Just ordered it cant wait to try it out you guys are doing a fantastic job


Just ordered too. Hope I get the pre-order bonus. Its 12/23 here yet the order confirmation says 12/24. Maybe that’s the release date and not the time I purchased?