Main Disc. Thread: Aegis Initiative: COVID-19


@SaintSovereign @Fire Thank you so much for this. I have been out for a few days and giving myself a mental break since Tuesday evening because I managed to be on the verge of a major anxiety or panic attack after reading everything going on right now to the point of a ridiculous amount of overwhelm. I read the terms of service and disclaimer. I’m off work for up to a week so I will be playing this as much as possible and listening to Slayer


Also note, now that Q is functional (it’s not connected to the site yet, but I can still manually enter a script and get a fully fledged subliminal), we can update our titles in record time. Aegis Initiative: COVID-19 is a massive script and Q-Prime (the computer currently running Q) managed to pump it out in roughly 30 minutes. And Q-Prime is NOT a top of the line machine by any means. It’s pretty powerful, but I built it about four years ago. Q-Squared, the actual production machine will be MUCH more powerful (I’m eyeballing an AMD Ryzen Threadripper, but if anyone has recommendations, please feel free to PM me or post it to the Q thread).

This means that we can now monitor your results to AI: COVID-19, as well as industry developments, adjust the script and release a new version as necessary. So, any information you can give us regarding results and reactions will be helpful.


Sincerly appreciate this Saint. I’ll run it along with Q.


Thank you for this SaintSovereign and Fire. I am very grateful that you have given this to all of us, I will be sharing this with my wife also, as she is a front line worker at the hospital. Sincere thanks for your kindness.


Running it. Have a 3/10 chest congestion, tiredness, no cough/sore throat. Will see how it goes.


Don’t take this for granted because it’s free. Powerful subliminal.

I feel a strong sense of optimism and well being.


I concur. We spent a long time developing this one.


I definitely report feeling optimism after listening to a masked loop of Aegis! I do stack it as well on top of Emperor Qa. Went for a walk earlier and finished a loop that I had started while napping…that was around 6:30pm. I came back at 7pm and I have felt very optimist since. I may even cram another loop either while going to bed or first thing in the morning.
When I first listen to the track I felt something move through my stomach, like I had something clogged up in my intestine that moved down. Interesting…


Used it from yesterday evening 5 PM or so. Been having a chest compression of 2/10 increasing to 3/10 yesterday evening.

I went to sleep with a Tylenol PM with the sub off. Woke up around 1 AM because of a missed call. I then noticed my chest felt tighter than before (4.5/10) and considered calling 911. Turned the sub on. I’m not sure if it was the sub but felt better in 20 minutes or so and went back to sleep.

Today morning, I subjectively feel a bit better but it may be too early to tell. Will keep folks posted via replies on this thread.

Note: I’m intentionally keeping a neutral tone just because I don’t to overhype or underhype the issue or the sub. Will continue to monitor and see how it goes (along with drinking fluids, etc.).


what’s up. I started using it yesterday. I leave it ringing over my cell phone speaker while I perform my normal routine. since I started listening, I noticed that I’m calmer and more relaxed despite some complications (detail, I usually have a very short temper. So although it doesn’t seem like anything, this is surprising). That’s all for now.


Very cool way to do to a mass-test of Q. Absolutely commendable.


I’m sort of stuck in limbo at the moment because the staffing agency I was working through was notified by my ongoing place I was assigned that they would be shut down for at least the next week if not longer. I asked about other work through the staffing agency and they said to call Tuesday morning. I have been filing out online applications and I’m going to start making phone calls tomorrow morning. Only thing that may derail that is if the Governor of Minnesota orders a " shelter in place " .


My place of work announced salary was guaranteed at least until April 6th for contractors like myself. I don’t expect an issue, there’s a lot of work left for me to do and pretty much all of it can be done from home, so I expect to keep the contract.

I was however approached by 3 recruiters through LinkedIn on Friday. Of course, the first (very wrong, I know) thought that popped into my head was “oh, you have sudden and unexpected vacancies?”

I wish you the best with your inquiries, JCast. I’m curious how they plan to do the interviews and introductions.

In other news, more countries have announced mandatory curfews because people refuse to stay inside. I’m one of those people that believes we should all have certain basic liberties, so I am strongly hoping that won’t happen here, since the first thing I would do when they announce it is to go outside after curfew to get myself arrested in protest. At least I know I won’t have to share my cell with anybody.

How does that go in the US anyway? There’s federal guidelines, but the states themselves can individually go even stricter?


@DarkPhilosopher Five states California , New York , New Jersey, Illinois, & Ohio are all in lockdown or have a " shelter in place " in order. I just read how Dallas County in Texas is under a lockdown starting at 11:59 Pm Monday night.
I’m curious myself how interviewers and introductions will be conducted. Interviewers probably by phone. I was telling a friend of mine a few days ago how after this I will never take what used to be normal for granted ever again


How to prevent exponential growth of a virus:


I played Plague Inc. And the custom Wuhan 2020 Corona scenario that is very popular right now for some strange reason. I know how a virus spreads. :wink:

You keep insinuating that I’m being irresponsible. I’m not. I follow all the rules as long as they trust me to do so autonomously. Plus a few of my own.

But if they start treating me like a little kid because other people behave irresponsibly, I take offense… responsibly.

I guess I don’t particularly like a lot of other people’s behaviorisms and values nowadays, so I don’t like being compared to them either. Nor do I like being told what to do, especially by people that only take responsibility now because it will hurt their public image and career prospects if they don’t, but who normally don’t give a crap about the people they are supposed to serve.

EDIT: Boy, that GIF gets annoying after seeing it go over and over and over for a few minutes… :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign, a question for you as this has piqued the interest of many who may not want to abandon their current stacks: Is it okay to play this simulatenously with another SubClub audio? As a matter of fact, is it okay to do that with ANY set of SubClub audios (whose topics don’t conflict with each other, of course)? I’ll admit, I have been interested in the prospect of doing such combinations as Khan ST2 + PCC simultaneously in the past. :slight_smile:


This sub does make me feel optimistic too.


I’ve had it play once or maybe twice so far today. Not sure exactly since I use the random silence bits.
But stacking it with EQ and I’m feeling calm as hell yet also feel…“Determined”.

I haven’t felt like THIS since listening to AscMogul by itself.


I’ve been playing this from my phone on repeat for much of the day. Some of the time it has been playing concurrently with EmpQ in both masked and ultrasonic versions.

Not sure what to say at this point, but it will be playing from my phone as I sleep tonight.