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@SaintSovereign - is Aegis: Survival Instinct a good replacement for Aegis: Covid? As in is Aegis Covid included in Survival Instinct?

The reason am asking is because am wondering why there is no Aegis Covid module in the Q Store. Is it because it is experimental? Or because it is already in the Survival Instinct module?


No, they’re two separate titles with different functions.

It’s highly experimental and we don’t know how it’ll work inside a custom. Can’t take chances with this one.


Is the physical shifting healing in Aegis: Survival Instinct distinct than in Serum X and Emperor Fitness?

I’m running the other two and would want to add Aegis if it offers something in addition


I am still running Aegis Covid at my office, where I was most likely to be exposed to coronavirus.

I had nearly two months where I didn’t go to the office at all, but I had had it running before I left, and now that I am back in the office it is in a playlist with one of my customs.

I’ve also got Aegis: Survival Instinct as part of the custom that runs in my basement next to my workout area. The other cores are Emperor Fitness ST4 and Spartan.


I wonder if it will protect against psychic attacks from others? Like narcissistic, self absorbed types?

How well would this stack with PCC?


Quite well in a situation where you’d need it. You’d be able to intuit who’s trying to trick you versus those with good intentions.

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I keep thinking that I’d like to do a Q custom with cores of Stark, Primal Seduction, Survival Initiative, Daredevil and Power Can Corrupt.

The ultimate self contained man moving through the world. Probably too dense with all those cores, though, even going light on other modules.


Stark, Primal Seduction and Survival Initiative might be a useful abbreviated version of the first combination.


Sounds like a great combo,
I and others are using customs with more than 4 cores to quite good effect.
Especially if there synergistic like yours. It just takes longer for the results to show as something more focused, but I’m definitely seeing the effects of all my cores.


Does Survival replace Spartan, EF Stage 1? (and PCC!) – or combines elements from them?

Is there a significant difference in pathway/mechanism that it still makes sense to choose those older products? Esp. as Cores in Customs.

@Fire @SaintSovereign


Nah, this is a separate product with a different function. There’s some overlap, but Spartan is still very much for warrior fitness.

The older products still work quite well, given that they were updated to Q just a few months ago. Definitely still worth using.


Is the physical healing and healing of old injuries function in Aegis: Survival Instinct distinct and/or more effective than in Emperor Fitness or Serum X? Would there be a value in healing to adding them both?

I know I’ve asked this question a few times, I know you get 100+ pm and addressing you a day, I know you navigate what you can get too through addressing novel or pertinent question. So thought I’d try one more time:)


Haha I can get why you would ask these questions. I myself feel ambivalent about the fact that they are apparently testing new physical change tech just as I am going to get a custom with a lot of modules that involve physical change…


We’re not really testing new physical change “tech” in the sense of scripting. We’re testing it in the Ultima format. You’re good to build your custom. I should’ve clarified earlier.


Everyone needs to understand that the scripting within Survival Instinct supports the goals of Survival Instinct. Don’t run it just to get physical healing, as you may not get the results you want. You’d do better to get The Beast Unleashed / The Beast Within, or another title focused on physical healing (the Ultima versions of these will).

Or, as @SubliminalUser is planning, getting a custom focused on that.


I did not know the beast unleashed/within has healing
Awesome, thank you
Much appreciated


I have a custom that combines the cores Survival Instinct, Spartan and Emperor Fitness ST4 with several emotional healing modules that plays in the area where I do my workout every night.

I’ve been seeing this as a long term sub for the workout area that has as its purpose physical and mental optimization for purposes of preparedness and resiliency in the face of whatever life might throw at one, plus the healing of blockages that might inhibit one from achieving those aims.

Survival Instinct seems like a linchpin and focuser here.

Survival Instinct
Emperor Fitness ST4

Debt Annihilator
Productivity Unleashed

Lion IV
Ego Adsum

Blue Skies
I Am
New Beginnings


Does this include eyesight? (20/20 vision)


For future reference. :+1:t2:


Thanks for quoting that! :pray::pray:


I think it’s worth a shot.

If you’ve gone under or are currently undergoing psychic attack related issues then you’ll try anything.

Looking at the description I’m saying it could be the best 1-2 punch we’ve got. Heck! Even throw in Aura or Commander on top of that if you’ve got the space in your playlist and you really want to smash through that problem ASAP. Then get back to normal when it’s been taken care of.

I was told that this can be due to leakages in your aura/chakras. So if you’ve got the means and the connections you might even want to try that route depending on your spiritual beliefs.

I know people who swear by those prayer/healing rooms that are available in most cities. They will pray for you and I think you don’t even have to pay anything.

And if you’re not well versed in the psychic realm, go visit your local priest for a blessing and he may have prayers. Just google spiritual attack prayers and you might find something agreeable to you.

In the meantime, if you do decided to try out that combo of Survival Instinct and PCCQ please keep us updated!