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Does Survival Instinct have scripting that manifests family members being safe and protected too, even if they live hours away from you?



I am curious about the fitness elements that are included in Survival Instinct?



Is it safe to assume that this is one of the larger, more dense titles?


They’re built to support the overall goal of survival. I wouldn’t run it just to enhance workouts. I mean, it’d work, but you’d get better results on that front from Spartan.

Yes, it’s pretty dense.


I currently am bulky, not much out of shape. I want to get supple and lean, with huge amounts of vitality.

Also I have these little inconveniences in my health you know, like mild headaches sometimes. And others.

Should I use this title? I basically want to reach my peak health in 2021.


Wouldnt something like emperor fitness or spartan be a better fit for that goal?


Emperor Fitness Supreme
Epigenetic and DNA modulator
Serum X
Physicality Shifter – Sexiness
The Architect
Harmonic Singularity
Negativity Displacer
Spiritual Freedom
Stress Displacement
Discordia Deliverance
Health Codex
Deep Sleep
Joie De Vivre
Carpe Diem Ascended

Also I’d encourage you to read about all the items in the Q store because you might find ones I missed.


I saw a module which works on releasing all body tension. I don’t remember it’s name. But That’s powerful. I’d want to make a sub exclusively of that module.


Harmonic Singularity


Lol, @RVconsultant is almost unbeatable when it comes to customs.


So you mean to stack emperor fitness with the custom? Or emperor fitness st4 as a core.


Perhaps it’s Harmonic Singularity.


Thanks. Just remember, I’m not try to beat anyone. I’m just hoping I can give a few ideas and maybe something will help someone.

So what I did was I got Emperor Fitness Supreme at the main shop. I ran all 4 stages. Then I got Emperor Fitness stage 4 at the Q shop and put it in with a lot of health oriented modules, such as Serum X; IQ and Cognitive Booster; Epigenic and DNA modulator; etc.

So if you want EF, I’d actually recommend you think about starting with the one at the main shop. Running as recommended. Then when you get to stage 4, chuck it in a custom sub with other health related modules, such as Health Codex, Serum X, Harmonic Singularity, etc.


Thanks @Malkuth for the help! I just noticed this.

So @Hurrikane I’m not unbeatable. @Malkuth beat me! :grin:


Nope. It was you @RVconsultant. You already had it in your original suggested list.

I think that’s what @Hurrikane meant by his post.


You’re making me feel a bit more unbeatable!:grin::sunglasses:


Awesome product


uhm… when you mentioned Emperor Fitness “Supreme” is this EF ST4?

Also, since this will be more EF + Aegis custom, focus on physical changes.

Curious about these three being added?
Spiritual Freedom
Stress Displacement
Discordia Deliverance


If you are thinking about:

EF + Aegis custom
Spiritual Freedom
Stress Displacement
Discordia Deliverance

I would would give it a :+1:
I would also add Mosaic as a precaution to make sure they work together well and give you solid results.

So EF stage 4 is what I would put in the custom subliminal.

Did I understand your inquiry?


Yes RVConultant is the guru thats why he was chosen as a moderator.