Main Disc. Thread - Beyond Limitless Ultima


I beat “Be There For You” on Expert Plus after doing practice mode for about 20 minutes, lol.


:sweat_smile: Expert Plus is realllly hard. Best I can do is Expert and only a few songs at this stage. What effect does BLU have on you during beat saber?


Jeez i can only imagine what BLU and gaming mastery would do for someone playing some competitive shooters like CoD or Halo lol


I watched some high level Beat Saber on youtube and don’t see how those people do it without BLU


@SaintSovereign Can you possibly give a bit of details as to what Executive will be intended to do?


I should have some time today and plan to run two to four loops of BLU. Working on getting my analytical thinking back on track


It’s literally just… “get up and GO GO GO.”


@SaintSovereign Cool. Just what I need with how much I often have to do in a day and how much I am relied upon


Look at the Ultima Stage 1 (A) journals to see the effect it was having on them.


exactly what I need. :heart_eyes:


I was just thinking about how it would be nice to have a simple “Take action” module/subliminal! Many others seem to have thought the same. This could be it!


@SubliminalUser Exactly what I was thinking.Outside of Beyond Limitless Ultima which I am listening to as I write this I dont think I have ever been so excited for a subliminal. As someone with ADHD I have been aware of how having that can impact executive function so anything that will help me with motivation , prioritizing , planning , and execution I am all for


It’s actually unbelievable how beneficial this sub is slated to be. Taking action is one of the biggest problems for many in this community (myself included). Heck, this year I’ve had my background set to a message which says:

Knowing is not enough, you must take action.

The fact that this will be free is excellent on SubClub’s part. It may just very well make certain modules not necessary in a custom :slight_smile:


@SubliminalUser I sort of realized between yesterday and today that Im done and over stressing myself out over societal expectations. Im just going to get shit done and live my life


Isn’t that what Productivity Unleashed is supposed to do?


I hope the module productivity unleashed, increases productivity through improving executive function
the way the executive Ultima Executive will.


Yes, and therefore getting aspects of productivity unleashed without getting the module :slight_smile:


Totally, the Ultima will be great, and great value to have.
I just have Productivity unleashed in my custom that just came, and didn’t even realize it might improve executive function. You can be productive without improving executive function-through structures that grease the groove of work actualyl being the path of least resistance. I want to improve my executive function to do stuff that’s productive outside of work lol.


Simon shared a really neat chart for the executive function.


Maybe this weekend there will be Executive Ultima ? :joy: soon :rofl: