Main Disc. Thread - Beyond Limitless Ultima


Imagine running BLU , EU, and QLQ?


I would like to know, for those who tested BLU and Executive (Stage 1A), what were the differences between the two ?


I don’t think we will see any thing relased or any news till probably next weekend as saint is moving to a new place and moving his stuff into a new facility.


The hype for Executive is quite something. Imagine stacking it with other subs or ultima titles that involve things the user has had struggles with. I really want to see what would happen if I stacked “Executive” with “Libertine” or “True Social”


Neo: What are you trying to tell me? That Executive can supercharge other superchargers! :astonished:

Morpheus: No, Neo. I’m trying to tell you that when you’re running Executive, you won’t need other superchargers. :sunglasses:




I sometimes hear a faint humming sound when I listen to Beyond Limitless Ultima on my headphones. Am I supposed to hear that ?


That’s your brain turning “the machine” on :wink:


Haha. Could be.

P.S i thought it was myself responding as your portrait photo looks similar to mine, especially the colour. Then I saw that yours is that of a tiger.


You never know, if you listen to BLU too much you might split up!

I’m sending you a profile pic high five :raised_hand::wink:



I love back to back convos with these two noble cats

yes I get my version of this too, it comes and goes


You have to run commander then,
it integrates parts of you back together.

I also just realized you weren’t kidding, commander is like executive light.
I revisited the sales copy and it even talk about executive presence and decision making.

Congruence and alignment leads to hire executive function.


It was the other way around… :smile:

Bear in mind that Executive is likely to be a free product, while Commander will be priced at $49.99 when upgraded to Ultima.


lol-that makes more sense.

my theory is its a loop
regular commander = Executive Ultima Lite
Executive Ultima=Commander Ultima Lite


Would be interesting to get a Lite version of every main ultima, to increase testing and hype before the main title launch.


Beyond Limitless works well has anyone tried BL alongside Libertine perhaps it will enhance the effects ?


Yes I do BLU 3 -5 times a week, and Libertine now 2-3 times a week.

Libertine certainly works for me solo but all my strongest experience on libertine happen when I am stacking with BLU day of or 1 days apart.


@Azriel appreciate you sharing your experiences tonight I will stack BL and Libertine however i will keep a 4 hour window between them.


Is Executive Ultima available yet ? if so when ?


of course, I like Libertine 1-2 loops at night, BLU next morning-

Or BLU afternoon and Libertine 1-2 at night-then going out next day, no Ultimas until that night


I don’t believe it’s available yet