Main Disc. Thread - Beyond Limitless Ultima


I think this is where I am going wrong if I am correct in what I am saying if you run libertine overnight whilst asleep it will get assimilated into the unconsciousness more easily, will test this tonight thanks again :slight_smile:


Soon we shall have it! :smiley:


Guesstimate is probably by next weekend


Hmm, I was guessing that it would come out with the “surprise” this weekend.


This weekend ? lets hope it lives up to our expectations and its not like that other company that promised an aura subliminal that worked but its fucking rubbish.


Executive functionning seems really relevant for everything “personnal change” related. It is not only work, but discipline, impulse control, emotion control, self awareness, planification, etc.

Boosting executive functions would mean a lot for everybody who seeks growth and change in their lives.

How many times did you lack the discipline to do something you have to do? Follow your diet, go out socialising, ask a girl out, sit down and work, NOT eating an entire bag of cheetos, NOT sitting down in front of porn, going to the gym, meditate… Basically everything that is not easy and require willpower.

BLU and Commander partly influence Executive functionning, but an Ultima title solely dedicated to it? Sounds amazing to me!


BLU definitely improves executive functioning.

The aspect of Emperor that a is so addictive to me is the massive improvement of executive functioning.


Same here, emperor makes me able to do stuff. Following my diet on emperor is so much easier!


Interesting. I’m having these same qualities on Ascension, I’m so dedicated, disciplined and pursuing my goals like my life depends on it.


Never really ran ascencion for that long :thinking:

Pretty sure everyone here is thrilled for the executive :+1::sunglasses:


I have to agree that BLU does a lot for executive function especially as it relates to planning and decision making. With the help of BLU I have discovered that a lot of my unhappiness comes from unrealistic or high expectations of myself and sometimes others. This article I came across today does a great job of what I’m talking about


Aching for this, especially the discipline/impulse control. I feel like my mind has been cheering me on to develop a higher standard of orderliness (especially with my custom subliminal) however there are some slipups here and there. I really want my executive function to develop extensively and this could be an ultima title I run every day


Is BLU not helping you?


After the first few days, not as much as I thought it would.


I realised that I was doing basic calculations in my dream after running BLU a few hours before I slept.

Simple calculations, like analyzing some data in a table… but still interesting.


Commander is not a bad super charger in its existing version can only imagine just how powerful the ultima version will be.


I like the idea of having all three socially-oriented titles for use in this different circumstances. True social to build social status, libertine as we all know it, and commander for those situations which require the right leadership.


Don’t forget BLU for situations where you need to show off your intelligence…


Dunno if the occasional BLU run is helping here or if its Minds Eye T2 but I got my Rubiks solve time dowm to 4.12 without using F2L pair insertion! (and no finger tricks)


Commander is pretty strong, it really helped me “taking” more what I want in life!