Main Disc. Thread - Beyond Limitless Ultima


Maybe Executive will be available before september ? :joy:


True social seemed to work well for me so i am 100% if they do come out with an ultima version it would work very well. I can be social when i want to be but true social to me was like giving a car engine a dose of WD-40.


I was honestly expecting Executive might come today or tonight but it’s been so quiet lately and there is usually a build up or hint of something beforehand


Maybe both things might appear, who knows!
Eerily quiet indeed.


Just remember saint is still setting his new place up so it maybe a day or 2 till we hear any news about anything.


Some of the stuff in the pipeline would have been very nice to test this weekend. Oh well!


Yeah I know. I’m really bored at the moment if it isn’t obvious


You’re not alone :joy:
Refreshing the thread every now and then


So am I. And out of boredom, I’ll list the few titles hinted at which had their use cases come and go:

  • Executive Ultima
  • True Social Ultima
  • Lé Surprise


Maybe it’s way closer than we think tho


I’m a bit worried about running Executive Ultima though as I’m easily bored as it is


Why would anyone willingly want to be social?


@JCast good question. A lot of answers possible. The way I see it, there is a pragmatic element to it. Would you not agree? However sometimes it is difficult to be motivated to socialize just because “it’s pragmatic”. True Social would help with that (as well as socializing well, of course).


Not sure what you’re getting at here. Is it that there’d be nothing to take action on?


Sometimes is way fun, at least in my experience. The problem is to find honest, proper folks and not
backstabbing fellas.

Some say it depends on where you live, it can be a hassle or easy up things a bit.


@SubliminalUser I have enough to do but I often try to simplify or get things done as quickly as possible so adding that extra motivation and go , go , go in there could very possibly lead to having to find more to do or risk potential boredom earlier in the day . It could be worse


You may use the push that Executive has given to start on stuff that you’ve been putting off.

For example, technically most of what I have to do in a given weekday is characterized by work stuff. I already get that done. So why use Executive?

  • Be Motivated to do the work items
  • Feel highly rewarded and sanguine about accomplishing those items.
  • In my time outside of work, be motivated to continue a meditation I started recently.
  • Start another course I’ve been putting off due to lack of motivation
  • Call someone
  • Do more long-term planning
  • Simply just avoid bad habits (because improving the executive function helps this)


For sure to a lot of that list with the exception of calling someone. That isn’t happening. I do plan to use the extra motivation to build the habit of working out as my wife and I have already begun tracking our dietary habits.


I understand that. I myself am not too enthused about it sometimes. I do it for pragmatic reasons as hinted at earlier. This is a habit I established earlier in the year. Notice that I say “habit” and not just a whenever-I-feel-like-it action.

That’s a good one! Do you have gym equipment?


Y’all think the surprise will be tonight? Or maybe in a few days?