Main Disc. Thread - Beyond Limitless Ultima


Not sure. I’m also beginning to wonder about how applicable it will be during this time…


The program, regardless of when is it released, it will be always be useful though :wink:


I wonder if The Executive will help if my life consists mainly of waiting for other people to complete their tasks…


Probably a few days since @SaintSovereign could still be moving and setting things up in the new place and or working on the script for something.


I guess so. I do hope it is more of an ultima-type thing because I have really been thinking about how it is a bit pointless to try and focus on a lot of social stuff especially during this time. An ultima title is perfect because it is tailored to be much more situational and works for more infrequent usage. Very happy with the fact that my custom reflects this.


Don’t forget they focused too on subjects like inner healing, along with creativity and intelligence related programs, it’s normal they work also on the other titles, like socializing and stuff.


You’re right, moving to a new house is way time consuming. And tiring, a lot.
It’s normal to take more time than expected.


Would have been great to have Executive before monday morning for work.



You’ll probably be more effective with the time you spend waiting
or find ways to train them to move faster


You could always just use BLU doesn’t that have productivity stuff in it?


This is kind of funny, the sudden arrival of a free subliminal will not change our lives that drastically in one day…or will it :thinking:



Probably they are still running The Executive on themselves in order to speed up the progress of mass production.


I listened to BLU a couple of times back to back today, and ended up reading a parenting book cover to cover in under 2 hours, and also made this… enjoy!


Why, yes. :wink:


@SaintSovereign @Fire Any idea when Executive Ultima will be out?


I am curious as to whether Executive is going to be different from Ultima 1A. If they were the same it would have been released quite a while ago…unless the copy/other presentational aspects delayed it.


Knowing Saint he probably tweaked it after the test and maybe has been tweaking it since then to get it just perfect.


Soon. I’ve been working non-stop to get everything caught up so I can get back to developing cool stuff.


Humming? Binaural beats or something similar?


Weird question, but could BLU help you remember things that maybe you misplaced?