Main Disc. Thread - Beyond Limitless Ultima


Try 2 loops of BLU just before you begin studying. You might even want to leave a few hours window between listening to your main sub and using BLU.


I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle 2 loops


Yes you can i know you can after the first loop grab yourself a cup of black coffee and continue listening to your second loop.


I’m not sure I need to be tempted to run QL and BLU. Become some weirdo genius who annoys the shit out of everyone because he’s smarter than them or I could do it to prove some narcissistic people I know very wrong about what they think and believe. For so long I have criticized myself for wanting to be more critical and intellectual. Why I have no idea. For someone who prides themselves on their problem solving skills that seems more than a bit counterproductive


The weirdo is just slightly smarter, but not smart enough. Apparently, if he keeps working at it…something else happens. Let us know when you get there.


@Malkuth Is that a challenge?


I’m fairly confident about you. So I’d label it more as a prediction or a request.


@Malkuth I have quite a few things I want to learn and figure out so I will probably run The Executive, Beyond Limitless Ultima, and Quantum Limitless. Keep me busy working on my goals


Eh, I take melatonin or valerian root to help fall into a really deep sleep, so not as much as you’d think. But, I also take rest days to help with any sleep debt.


This is reconciliation. The script is so focused and short compared to major titles, that reconciliation is the only thing that would cause “less energy.” Not to mention, the term “feel productive” doesn’t actually mean anything. Think about it, how does one “feel productive” versus not “feeling productive?” Does this mean you have a lack of motivation to get up and do things? Does this mean you’re feeling down and depressed about the likelihood of succeeding at whatever it is you’re trying to tackle?

When you dig a bit deeper, you’ll see that the subliminal processing is occurring – as indicative by you feeling “less energetic” on it – and your subconscious is reacting. Fatigue and lack of motivation is a common reconciliation symptom. You gotta push through and keep running it, as well as TAKING ACTION. If you’re just running the program and since you don’t immediately feel motivated, you just don’t do anything, you’re reinforcing the reconciliation. Get up and do something while running it. That helps the scripting kick in.

Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)

Wierdo is just a label to add a negative
connotation to a idiosyncrasy someone may exibit.


Such a good karaoke song too pre-droplet concerns


lol, love it.


What is your current stack including Ultimas?

I know you run customs or custom versions of tracks but like how many custom and/or Ultimas will you run together for a prolonged period of time and is it everything in one day or spread out over the week? Are you customs Q or Terminus?


Custom BLU, custom StarkQ. Results manifests easily into my life due to my lifestyle. I’m always working on something. Like, seriously. I work on stuff almost non-stop. Don’t watch a lot of TV, don’t waste a lot of time doing nothing. I’m always, ALWAYS working, hahaha.

Saint Sovereign's Journal (PRIMARCH Ultima Prototype)

So you keep it pretty streamlined and simple, basically a custom with one core and one Ultima,
and your taking action related to it all the time.

If were modeling excellence that may be the move, at least until that stack article :slight_smile:


Lol this makes me feel like I’m doing tew much. :joy:


The keyword here is “custom”. He targets his subs to exactly what he needs, even the Ultimas. It’s good to be da boss. :slight_smile:


Why aren’t you running Terminus personally?


I can’t be certain, but he probably is, he simply didn’t specify it. To Saint, Terminus is the build method, so when you ask him what he runs, he may say StarkQ, without mentioning that he built it in/as Terminus. It’s still StarkQ to him, the script itself didn’t change.