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I work too much to have any downtime. I use a “slow and steady” approach to growth, not a “brute force” method. Like I said on another thread, the reason I can do so much (something people have used as a reason to say I’m lying about the life I lead) is because I utilize a “zero budget” approach to time management. By that, I mean that my days are very well-planned to the point that I don’t waste any time. Even my meals and rest periods are planned out, as well as gaming sessions to unwind. Because of that, reconciliation can royally mess up my flow. Terminus and T2 can cause some serious reconciliation, and I can’t risk it.

Saint Sovereign's Journal (PRIMARCH Ultima Prototype)

Interesting, I started exactly the same thing when I ran StarkQ. Would you be so kind to once share a bit more about exactly how you did set up this system and some helpful info you found out along the way? I think that would be very valuable for a lot of people. I always liked reading your journals.


Wow, I figured he was running Terminus. I stand corrected. I’ll say one thin about the zero budget approach to time management… excellent bladder control. :slight_smile:


Very hilarious as usual



@SaintSovereign I was reading the description for BLU where it talks about conveying complex ideas and issues with ease and I immediately thought of Richard Feynman


“Informaticon contains a very needed part that guides you to the exact amount of repetitions you need for the current subliminal.”

Since there is a chance Informaticon is in BLU, I suggest here that BLU might be even more important for reconcilliation than Sanguine is, based on this above excerpt.

Instead of running a sub for “days, weeks, months, years”, or “Feel good/bad/nothing”. You use limitless/blu/ql to determine yourself based on revaluation/reality/direction, rather than plans/imagination/opinion.

So feeling nothing, or wasting time (Sub is already filled you up with directions, aka The Forge). Time to run these subs. Of course since alot of these subs already contain limitless, there is that to consider as well.

So I propose, the optimal use for say BLU is as a connector between a change/transition.


Today I slept on BLU with out any melatonin or such for 6 hours uninterrupted.


You Rebel :smiley:


What type of earbuds did you use? i’m still looking for quality earbuds for Ultima that is comfortable for sleeping.


i use over heads…audiotechnica ATH M50X


Anyone have any suggestions for speakers, not headphones, that would be good-to optimal for Ultima?


I think the soundcore motion+. I’ve done one loop and had results. The frequency response is excellent!


Saw good reviews on the ATH-M50x. Just dont know how i can manage to sleep wearing them :sweat_smile:


Can I listen to this on speakers?


NOTE: Listening setup matters when listening to an Ultima-powered title. The Ultima format requires a nice set of headphones, earbuds or speakers / studio monitors. You will receive diminished results if you attempt to use your laptop speakers or low-grade earbuds / headsets (i.e. the cheap, $9 earbuds at retail store).


Thanks, these are the PC speakers I have. Is it good enough?

Creative Labs T20 Series II 2.0 Speakers

28 watts RMS

Frequency Response: 50–20,000 Hz


it depends both on the frequency response and also how “flat” that response is.


Yes, they should suffice. We tested them on “studio grade” equipment, but that doesn’t mean consumer grade won’t work. Obviously, the better the quality the speakers, the better the results – but you should still get great results from this.


Does Ascended Mogul and/or HOM have scripting that BLU will supercharge? @SaintSovereign