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For those that have been using this. Is it more beneficial to listen first without distraction and then get into what you need to do? Or can you listen to it in the background while doing work?


While doing your work is fine.
You can also listen to music if you like


An abandoned street, night.

The street lights up with arcs of electricity growing in intensity, blowing out light bulbs until with one final flash of light it becomes pitch black. A shadowy figure now stands in the middle of the street.

Blackadder pats his clothes down a bit then looks around to see if anybody noticed him appearing. He frowns at the light rain coming down and opens up an umbrella.

“Typical English summer.”

Blackadder walks with purpose into the nearest Internet cafe. He manifested perfectly, it’s just a single street over. Sitting down behind one of the computers, he grabs a handwritten list from his pocket and opens the Subliminal Club store.

“Now, which superchargers and stacking modules did I not have yet when Ultima was released?”

Carefully he adds the missing ones to his cart, double-checks it against the list he brought and checks out the order, now adding all of them to his account. A small price to pay for greatness.

Satisfied, he logs out, stands up and strolls out of the Internet cafe, ignoring the hushed whispers wondering who that mysterious stranger is.

Now having all the time in the world, he gets a coffee on his way back, chatting up the barista and taking down her number for when he is ready to test Libertine Ultima.

The rain has stopped and so, while using his umbrella as a walking stick like a proper Englishman, he whistles a happy tune as he walks back to the empty street.

So far, so good.

Once in the street, he closes his eyes, turns the audio player back on and begins to visualize. Soon, the lightning starts to arc all around him, until with a bright flash Blackadder has disappeared.

When he opens his eyes, he’s back home, just in time to see a string of emails appear on his computer announcing all the free upgrades to Ultima. Grinning, he clicks on the download link for Libertine Ultima, then takes out his cell phone and dials the barista. It’s been a few days for her, and she’s eager to set up a date.

Blackadder nods contentedly to himself as he turns off his T² subliminal still playing in the ear piece.

“Ha, and they said the time shifting effect was unconfirmed! They don’t know the hallf of it.”

And with that, he prepares for his date, armed with the newly released Libertine Ultima.


Guys, by OG you mean Original? Or did I miss something?

Since you only need to listen once per day, and they do hit a bit hard, I would listen to them with little distraction, maybe as you do some simply things or set up your study spot. Then take a drink, giving your subconscious a little bit of time, then go to study.

It likely works if you listen while studying, but you don’t want to loop it and it’s not polite to your subconscious to have it deal with Ultima AND your studies.

My two cents anyway…

Hey I’m looking forward to seeing all those reviews over the next few days. And for those using BL Ultima to study new languages, don’t be a show-off, post the reviews in English! :wink:


That was initially my plan. I figured it is pretty demanding. Guess I can experiment too. Thanks


Ran one loop of Beyond Limitless Ultima. For a long time I have been really into the importance of critical thinking. I can’t and won’t say I always was because that isn’t the truth. I was raised by people who didn’t value the importance of reading and curiosity. Zero to no imagination. I admit I allowed myself to be more than a little aloof about a lot of things and didn’t really put any effort mentally or intellectually into what I did , said , or how I behaved. The laundry list of headaches, anxiety, and drama I could have easily avoided had I just stopped for a minute or seven and thought things through before doing or not doing something. I refuse to never again not take the time to consider all possible or potential outcomes. Makes me think that taking the time to do Quantum Limitless Q alongside Beyond Limitless Ultima would put me miles ahead of where I ever thought I would be intellectually and creatively


How did you feel when you were running the first loop?


@King Right now that isn’t an easy question to answer outside of what I just posted.


@King I will say this. I understand why @SaintSovereign said this is his favorite besides his custom. This is the audio I needed and wanted more than anything but didn’t know it


I bought this today, along with mind’s eye and a heap load of other superchargers and stack modules. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m really excited for this one since it’s a perfect match for my goals. It’ll be hard to pick which ultima to listen to in a day when there’s going to be so many amazing options to go with.

I took some notes for my first listen:

  • 15 mins in: I’m getting an energetic “lift” above my head, it’s a pleasant sensation. I guess people would say it is the crown chakra area. I did not get this on the other Ultimas I tested.

  • 30 mins in: The lifting feeling seems to be seeping down to my chest area.

  • 50 mins in: Getting pressure around temple.


  • I’m feeling very energetic, curious and playful. I was getting thoughts like “this world is so interesting” after thinking of some random things. The cherry playfulness was unexpected, but very welcome.

  • I played this in the evening, so I didn’t get much time to work, but I did have a great amount of focus and accomplished some programming tasks that were stumping me a couple days ago.

Pretty amazing to me for a first listen, I have a very good feeling about this one and I’m going to get lots of opportunities to utilize it too, I’m looking forward to see where this goes!


@SaintSovereign So Ultimate artist, stark, and QLQ stage 1-2 would pair up nicely with this?


Will listening to your custom stack or what ever sub you are using straight after you use BL ultima diminish the results BL or is it best to your stack later in the day? thanks


I ran 1 loop BLU yesterday. around after 20 minutes I noticed some energy movement in crown chakra area. quite nice feeling, refreshing. also I tried to read book while listening but at the end of sub I was exhausted and tired.


I gave myself a dose of beyond limitless today. I think it made my thoughts more fluid and it may well have helped me become more creative with my words as I flirted with the girls at the gym. Will keep a mental note of how things go over the next few day as I listen to it daily.

Are you guys listening to the BL once or twice a day ?


Your experiences with the crown chakra is interesting perhaps I just not aware of whats happening to my body during listening.


@JCast Watch this:


@JCast people are entitled to believe what they want to believe.


Love darkies writings please share more stories perhaps we can start a new thread for this if Saint and Fire are ok with this ? :rofl:


@blackadder I never said people aren’t allowed to believe what they want.


What I mean’t was I feel its wrong to call whatever someone else believes in as horse shit.