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Agreed, you are tiptoeing the line by phrasing it the way you did there. And if this sparks into something I’m gonna have no choice but to find my Hide Posts button. So, everybody, please let it go.


Fair enough. It was an observation. If you want to believe watery tarts distributing swords is a basis for government have at it.


Okay, where is that button…


Guys, be kind to him - he is probably going through severe reconciliation cause of his extremely powerful custom healing sub.



You weren’t after the previous two posts, now y’are. It’s for your safety. :wink:


Why not, we have an Emperor’s Corner for everything that doesn’t readily fit into the other categories, right?


I got a strong surge like feeling after around 30 minutes in during listening

I get the sense it’s done something but cannot quite put my finger on it just yet

After a few more listens I’ll try see what has changed in how I think and what I think


Haha.I have phowa done in karma kagju retreat centre 15 years ago, so im sure I have heart and crown chakra. But energy surge from BLU was ten times weaker.


You all make it so difficult but I will play nice.


Is there any harm in playing both BL ultima and BL OG together?


Playing them simultaneously or back to back? Keep in mind the original has an ultrasonic running in the background. You don’t want to be running them at the same time. But running the original first followed directly by the Ultima, there’s no harm in that.


Everyone: I understand the custom subliminals + Ultima is causing reconciliation around the board, as well as a sense of freedom, power and confidence. I experienced this myself today. That being said, you are still expected to act civil toward each other. When @Fire and I started this forum, we made it very clear that it would be a positive, helpful environment for all. We will not go down the path that so many forums have gone, where people will engage in massive flame wars at the slightest provocation.

We appreciate every last one of you and your contributions to his forum, but we will not hesitate to hand out warnings and temporary bans if necessary. Control your emotions and anger.


I like JCAST he is one of my favourite posters :wink:


I did run BLU today for one loop and during listening to it I felt energy going through my body. About 1-2 hours later I felt totally focused, not so productive, but really focused. It felt a bit like being on the drug Modafinil where you feel more awaken with your senses more sharpened.

After about 8 hours I felt very tired and had to sleep for an hour and I’m still a bit tired.

I think I will keep it at 1 loop of BLU in the morning and wonder if I should keep doing 2-3 loops of StarkQ during the night.

I’m really looking forward to what will happen in the next days with BLU… :slight_smile:


A couple of or a few things I have noticed already running Beyond Limitless Ultima is that I am questioning things even more than I did previously. I am also on a more intuitive level aware of when someone is full of shit. I’m also as I stated before taking my time in responding when talking to someone and also thinking things through before acting. I’m learning to question almost if not everything I do in the context of if I will regret doing or not doing something either in the short term or long term. Obviously that requires a certain sacrifice but I would think the sacrifice is far better than the headaches , anxiety, or regret

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Yet another thing I have noticed running Beyond Limitless Ultima. I have very little to almost no patience for people who don’t respect or choose to waste my time. If you want to waste your own time with trivial shit , talk in circles while endlessly repeating yourself, criticize me for wanting something you don’t , or project your own personal shit on to me you are more than welcome to fuck off


Beginning to think Fire may have mixed up the scripts for Beyond Limitless and Legacy. Or GLM. And I thought the next one would be Libe… never mind, didn’t say anything.


I tried listening to BLU in my bone conduction headphones aftershokz aeropex and it seems it works well for me. I felt the effect within 10 min



I’m feeling it this time.

Maybe it’s the headphones.

I am sitting still but I feel like I am flying swiftly forward on a highway. Like the way you feel when you’re sitting on a bullet train or a fast moving train. There’s a sense of movement and also a kind of light euphoria.

Tried it on Monday and was not aware of much. Trying it again on Thursday (with different headphones and with another detail that makes the audio set-up better), and it’s a different experience.

Very interesting.

Feels almost giddy.