Main Disc. Thread - Beyond Limitless Ultima


Seems like I started to feel the effects most strongly at about 45 to 52 minutes, in my case. But I noticed a light, stimulated kind of feeling from the very beginning. Probably due to my first experience, I waited longer before I admitted that something was really happening.

I was in a pretty positive space before starting the Ultima track, but it was a different space. It didn’t have this light, flying movement to it. It was cheerful, but not euphoric.

That was really interesting. And now we’ll see how long the state lasts. The Ultima track just finished about 3 minutes ago.


I’ve barely had sleep over the past three days, my body feels tired but my mind is surging, I’m pretty sure this is caused by Beyond Limitless Ultima. My sleep patterns have been odd to say the least, been coming out of bed at least 3 times a night to drink water as my mouth was completely dry and dehydrated.

Today the effects are milder but I’ve been having a crazy dry mouth even though I drink 3.5 litres of structured & energized water a day. Be very cautious when running this title, it has effects like a drug and will also overdose you like a drug, please be wary.


I like your use of the word ‘surging’. That precisely describes the sensation I had from Beyond Limitless. I compared it to a train or a car. But that’s what it was (for me). A surging feeling


how many loops do you run per day and do you run anything next to it?


Ever since the testing was finished I’ve been doing one loop a day in the morning and I can still feel the effects a day after. Been doing a loop of Ascension, Stark and Quantum Limitless St 1 here and there.

Never did I go over 3 loops a day and I’m having magnificent results, besides the lack of sleep yet I do not feel tired emotionally or mentally. It’s been almost one week since the testing began so I’ve been listening to it for about two weeks, I didn’t experience anything like this in the first week though.


By the way in that whole two week period I took a one day break and had exponential results the day after, these Ultima titles really have an effect for several days. It does fade overtime but take my advice when I tell you not to loop them back to back.


I’m kind of laughing at myself right now.

I notice that I now feel like working on some tasks that I’d been putting off.

And also, I had 1 credit left on my annual Audible subscription. There was a 2 books for 1 credit sale announced today, and after browsing a lot, I bought these:

Great Courses are hit or miss for me. My usual listening is Fantasy. I’ve pre-ordered Brandon Sanderson’s next book for November release. yippee.

Anyway, these looked like fun (well, the fiction one. the Great Ideas looks interesting.) Hopefully they won’t languish on the dustpile of history.


I have the same effects : waking up several times during the night and drink lots of water. I know that it is BLU which does that. Sometimes I feel also restless during the day. So what I do : I do my jogging and after that I am focused the whole day. This is really the most potent sub I have ever tried !


Agreed, it’s caused by Beyond Limitless Ultima, I’m going to take a day off tomorrow and see what happens.


I’m gonna stick to one loop a day for now but yeah it’s pretty strong so far

Imagine if we all got withdrawal from it like Eddie did in Limitless… haha

I think it’ll be fine to take days off I just wanna test it’s limits first


This is your productivity ultima based product or you will release another one that it is focussed purely on productivity?


I don’t believe there will be another Ultima Productivity sub as Beyond Limitless already deals heavily with it.

But with subclub you never know, of course


Actually I wouldn’t doubt that, new titles are constantly being released and in the future of Subliminal Club, you’ll be able to configure your own Ultima Customs.


Damn :money_mouth_face:

I need to find a job


What you need a job for?


@Jes1946 I ordered a pair of Aftershokz and should receive them today. Excited to try them out


you should bro. they really work well with subs in my experience. i’ve been using it for more than a month.


Interested to hear how they would respond to Ultrasonic’s! This could possibly put an end to ear-damage caused by ultrasonics.


Not really. They won’t damage your eardrums since they bypass those, but they can still damage your cochlea. So you still need to be careful and calibrate silent ultrasonic tracks. Hybrid tracks like Ultima are safer, of course.

Bone conduction headphones are fine, but they depend somewhat on how well they fit against your head, since they use vibrations to transmit the sounds. So if the contact is off by a bit the transmission of some of the vibrations is reduced. So different people can have very different experiences with the same headphones. They’re best for those with eardrum damage, or those than need to hear 100% of environmental sounds, but it’s worth trying them if you’re interested. Personally I think they’re unlikely to give better results than your new Sennheisers.


Personally, I used Ultima as an excuse to order some planar magnetic headphones. They may, or may not, work better for Ultima, but I don’t think I care too much.